Hey now… there’s rumors circulating that another player besides Ray Allen is contemplating a comeback with the Warriors, but this guy brings with him a completely different situation.

Larry Sanders is implying that he and the Warriors may join forces in the near future, largely due to the fact that he randomly tweeted out a screenshot from the movie “Warriors” with no added caption.

Perhaps Sanders just saw that movie and felt compelled to tweet out a dramatic picture from it with no context just because he enjoyed it so much. I’ve probably done that before at some point.

But let’s be real… he didn’t tweet out a screenshot from “Jurassic Park,” “Harry Potter,” or “Bambi.” He clearly isn’t in contract negotiations with the Raptors, Wizards, or Bucks. He tweeted out a “Warriors” picture presumably because he’s talking with the Warriors. It makes perfect sense.

If you think I’m reading way too much into this, consider the fact that he also tweeted out a picture of a cavalier less than an hour later.

Trail Blazers fans should be saddened to realize that it was not followed by a picture of Lewis and Clark, and Nuggets fans regrettably waited for a picture of a prospector holding up a gold nugget that was never tweeted out.

This is Sanders’ way of subtly implying that he’s interested in joining either the Warriors or Cavaliers, and the Warriors should do their due diligence in exploring this opportunity.

Sanders was once one of the premier rim protectors in the NBA, but he hasn’t played since the 2014-2015 season.

He has been suspended twice for violating the league’s anti-drug policy, and Sanders eventually entered a treatment program for anxiety, depression, and mood disorders.

Sanders was fighting an internal battle, and walked away from the league to devote himself to addressing these mental health issues he struggled with.

He had always left the door open for an eventual return to the NBA once he was in a better state of mind, and perhaps he now feels confident enough to continue pursuing his basketball career.

The Warriors could certainly use his interior defense, rebounding, and shot blocking skills. They don’t have a proven rim protector on the roster right now after the departure of Andrew Bogut, and Sanders could certainly fill that role.

It’s a low-pressure situation for him, as the Warriors wouldn’t likely ask him to carry too much responsibility. When Sanders was a member of the Milwaukee Bucks, the team was both paying him and treated him as a crucial cog in the future of the franchise, and perhaps that pressure contributed to his emotional deterioration.

With the Warriors, he’ll likely be primarily leaned on to provide defensive energy off the bench, and the 7’2’’ center can thrive in that capacity.

If both the Warriors and Sanders feel confident enough that Sanders has a healthy mindset and is ready to delve back into the rigors of playing professional basketball, this would be a great partnership.

The Warriors can provide Sanders with a positive environment, and Sanders can offer them rim protection that they currently don’t have.