What forum software does warriorsworld run?

Warriorsworld uses something called KAWF. It is an open source forum you can download the source for from Github.

kawf page on Github Kawf is not easy to setup so don’t ask. If you are looking for an easy to setup and maintain bulletin board program try phpBB.

What other sites run Kawf?

Quattroworld and one other private site that I know of run Kawf

Why doesn’t warriorsworld have collapsed threaded discussions like other sites?

Short answer is we do, you can set a preference for it in your user preferences. Long answer is that they don’t foster the type of community that we are after, and most people that are currently here came from Harold’s warriors board where it was using a threaded format. Also, with this message layout you can have a conversation with individuals and post responses to a particular message in a thread. This makes for more lively discussions, and you always know who you are talking to. So the forum default is to not collapse threads. We also don’t use emoticons, logos, avatars and other flashier items because it gets in the way of the content.

Is the forum moderated?

The board is not moderated beyond marking posts in the main forum as off topic if the post does not involve sports. Excessive foul language will result in an OT as well since many people read the board from work. Sheed, The Big Lebowski, Chase, Earl J Slick, Altamont and Del are moderators in the main forum. Only Del can OT or Delete posts in the OT and Politics forums.

Content Posting.

Do not post complete articles or content from other sites. If you want to post something, news articles, pictures etc, and you are not the owner of the rights to that item, post a link to the item. In the case of news articles, you can post a snippet of the article and a link to the complete story. Please don’t post content that is subscription, ESPN Insider is one example of something that should not be posted.

Link Posting.

Warriorsworld is not Digg or Reddit or any other social sharing site.  Forum posts are to share opinions on the golden state warriors, basketball, bay area sports.  The forum is not a vehicle for you to promote your blog or website.  Any posts made for the sole purpose of advertising another site, good or service are considered spam and will be deleted, the accounts suspended and on repeated violations the users ip addresses will be permanently blocked. If you wish to be included in warriorsworlds list of warriors related sites, use the contact us form.

My post was deleted, why did you do that!

We rarely delete a post, it is far more likely that the person who started the thread you posted in deleted the message. When that happens all the follow up posts to that post disappear. If you posted advertising, MLM Schemes, or are pimping for another site and aren’t a regular poster your post was deleted and your account was probably suspended. If this was the case, bye bye, don’t come back.

Selling Tickets

Face value or below only, no gouging other Warriors fans for tickets. Also as a general rule of thumb to be a good fan, don’t sell tickets to fans of the opposing team, and never under any circumstances sell a ticket to a Kings or Lakers fan.

How do I include an image in my message or signature?

First off, the image you want to show has to be available on the web somewhere, if it is on your local computer, you can’t link it to the forum. So sites lie geocities, tripod etc won’t work. Some other sites like Flikr might work. Use the img src = tag to display the image in your signature. For a post you can enter the url of the image you want to post in the message itself. For more information on the img src tag you can look here. w3.org

Forum Preferences

The link to the Forum Preferences is always found at the bottom of any Forum page near the posting dialogue box or you may click here. Within Preferences you may: 1) Edit your password, e-mail address or screen name; 2) Manage your signature; 3) Change the way that the Forums appear.

Formatting messages

You can modify your text with various HTML tags. Make sure you use both a starting tag and a close tag.




<font color=”red”>Colored Text</font>

<big>Larger Text</big>

<small>Smaller Text</small>