If you’re anything like me, you had no idea Ayesha Curry’s husband plays the game of basketball in his spare time away from supporting his successful wife and raising their three children as a stay-at-home father. 

When I saw “Curry” trending on social media last night, I assumed the celebrity chef had just completed her trilogy of masterpiece cook books following “The Seasoned Life” and “The Full Plate.” I believe that’s her husband in the background on the cover of “The Seasoned Life,” a book that has never left my kitchen countertop since its visionary release four years ago. 

But it was her husband who was trending – for scoring 62 points in a sporting game. Knowing nothing about the man behind my favorite celebrity chef, I decided to go to the last refuge of truth in our society: Twitter.

What I found came as no surprise, based on what I already know about Ayesha. This humble Christian man is actually not athletic at all. Like me, he can barely touch the net hanging below the basketball rim (I tried once, and it hurt my finger so I never tried again). His lack of athleticism makes people who are bigger, stronger and faster than him mad. It also makes small, weak and slow people mad. I believe these slow, weak people are fans of the sport and of Ayesha’s husband’s basketball team. 

It seems there is a King in this game who makes King-like videos of himself working out and pumping his fist to hard-core rap music. And just like a good movie twist, Ayesha’s husband appears to have a treacherous teammate who is now loyal to this King and his court of Klutch men. 

This strong, powerful and cocky King stands in stark contrast to the Curry clan, who often pray and intimately cook together at home as a family listening to gospel music and smooth jazz. Fans of his team say Ayesha’s husband is not strong enough to lift weights like the King.

While basketball is a game of swagger and cockiness, Ayesha’s husband has never uttered a negative word about a teammate or opponent. He never brags or shows off on the court. He does everything his coach asks of him, sacrifices himself for the team, and speaks clearly and kindly to the hard-working members of the media who are intimated by every other play except him. 

When his team wins, he never gets credit. When his team loses, he gets all the blame. 

Wait, now Twitter is saying the opposite. They are saying Ayesha’s husband is cocky. He does a show-offy shimmy after he makes a shot and people don’t like it. Others say he is something called “The GOAT.” I looked it up on Urban Dictionary. It means “Greatest Of All Time.” It also says “#StephBetter” but I’m not sure who she is. 

Twitter says Ayesha’s husband deserves all the credit for his team’s wins. And when they lose it’s because of his coach’s stupidity and his teammates inability to make wide-open shots that he creates for them. 

I don’t understand any of this. But what I do know is the stay-at-home father of Ayesha’s three beautiful angels plays only for the love of the game. As part of his recreational activities, he’s won three championships, but Twitter says it’s mainly because he has superstar teammates who do all the work but wouldn’t be good players on any other team (ughhh, this basketball sport can be very confusing). 

Despite the parts I did not understand, the information I gained from Twitter only reinforced my ranking for Ayesha as the #1 celebrity chef – not many in her shoes, so busy and so successful, would be supportive of a spouse enjoying games outside of his top priority of holding down the homestead for her. I don’t know Ayesha, I’ve never even met her (she hasn’t accepted any of my interview requests yet, because I know she is very busy), but her writing tells me she is a generous and giving person. 

Her husband is a lucky man and I appreciate him. Without his support and loyalty to Ayesha, my kitchen sure would be a lot more boring!