LeBron James sure knows how to keep his name in the news, doesn’t he? As his team and franchise starts to lose relevance by the hour, he deployed his bff Rich Paul to leak some news about maybe, perhaps, possibly, taking a meeting with the Golden State Warriors if there was, perhaps, maybe, possibly, a way there was enough cap space. That is certainly more than enough plausible information in 2018’s NBA and social media landscape to start postulating about the influence and legacy of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry’s career.

Let’s start with the off-court issues. Blame Pat Riley and Dan Gilbert and the myriad of GMs that are now drinking margaritas on the beaches of Oahu all you want. The fact remains there has only been reality TV show drama throughout his entire career. The passive aggressive comments on social media, the constant leaks throwing teammates under the bus after a bad game, and the show enveloping not only the league but the unending thirst for attention. I mean, why do you think this leak was done in the first place?

The Golden State Warriors, for all their glitz and glamor, have been relatively boring and off the radar this season, per their standards. Adding LeBron James only means taking slight little potshots on half-baked Drake lyrics on a blacked out IG post at 3AM every other Friday night.

Let’s end with the on-court issues. This is Steph’s offense and team, still. Adding Kevin Durant allowed Steph to shoulder less of the weight. They’re now unstoppable against the league’s best teams, even on a bad Steph day. Klay Thompson is content and unstoppable spacing the floor as the third option. And Draymond Green is the motor that runs the motion offense when things get stagnant. Putting LeBron James, one of the greatest scorers and passers, would imply that this offense would become even more unstoppable, right? Pass.

A guy that demands the rock no matter what, deploying Chris Bosh and Kevin Love as mere spot-up shooters for large portions of their prime is a solid look into the future for the mega-talented Steph/KD combo. The fight to become alpha becomes a brawl when you’re trying to fit the greatest talent, but most importantly, ego on a team that plays without one on the floor.

The thought of LeBron to the Warriors should get the fans excited but beyond that, come back to me when Anthony Davis and Giannis are a year away from free agency. That’s when the real fun begins.

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