As with any unexpected news story, the aftermath of the event is made up in large part of people trying to make sense of not only what the event means, but why it happened.

What Kevin Durant going to the Warriors means is pretty clear: the power structure of the NBA has monumentally shifted, particularly in the Western Conference.

Figuring out why this happened is the more intriguing endeavor, because the answer isn’t as obvious to the casual observer. Durant was expected by most people within the basketball community to remain in Oklahoma City. Why did he chose the Warriors?

Turns out a big reason that Durant decided to join the team was because of the productive advice that Steve Nash provided him about the great environment fostered by the Warriors.

Nash works as a consultant for the Warriors, and has ties with many coaches and executives within the organization dating back to his days as a member of the Phoenix Suns, when Steve Kerr and Rick Welts were presiding over the team as general manager and team president, respectively.

Nash served as an outlet for Durant to voice his concerns about potential team chemistry issues, and Nash assured him what a great organization the Warriors are.

Nash never won a championship as a player, and that perspective undoubtedly came into play when selling the Warriors as a team with the potential to be a historically great team, and give Durant that championship ring that has alluded him so far in his career.

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