The Warriors have filled one of their few remaining roster spots by re-signing Anderson Varejao to a 1 year contract, according to Marc Stein.

Varejao was acquired by the Warriors in March of last season after being waived by the Portland Trail Blazers, who received him in a trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Varejao is simultaneously hilarious and frustrating to watch out on the court, because it appears like he has tailored his game around trying to draw offensive fouls above all else.

When it works, it’s a fantastic energizing source for the team. When it doesn’t work, it’s slightly embarrassing to watch a 6’11” 273 LBS giant flop like he had just been rattled by an earthquake.

A player like Russell Westbrook making contact in the lane shouldn’t be able to send Varejao flying across the court as if he had been hit by a tank.

It’s funny to watch in its absurdity. Combine those antics with his Sideshow Bob hair, and Varejao is one of the more intriguing characters in the NBA.

From a basketball perspective, when given ample minutes, Varejao can provide rebounding and decent inside scoring. On defense, he has a high IQ, but isn’t a rim protector inside, which is what the Warriors still desperately need.

This signing seemingly makes a Kendrick Perkins acquisition far less likely, which isn’t a huge disappointment. Perkins’ real value was more attached to his enforcer attitude than any interior skills.

Varejao has proven in the past to be a skilled big man, and while judiciously timed attempts to draw charges can help a team, Varejao might be overdoing it in that regard.

From how the roster looks as of now, Varejao should probably expect more playing time next season. It could be a great opportunity for him to show off skills he had on display earlier in his career.

In his limited role with the Warriors last season, he probably figured that the quickest way to make an impact on the game was to devote himself to hustle plays to gain extra possessions, such as trying to draw offensive fouls.

He’ll be more cautious if he’s leaned on to play more minutes, because foul trouble will suddenly be a more valid concern for him if he ends up getting the bulk of the minutes as the backup center.

He’ll compete with Damian Jones for playing time behind Zaza Pachulia when the Warriors go big. Varejao is more than just a flopper, and he has probably done a disservice to himself with his over-reliance on trying to draw fouls. He is capable of contributing beyond just selling contact to the officials.

This signing is encouraging in some regards, but still doesn’t address that Warriors’ void in terms of shot blocking. Varejao can be a solid contributor, but the team still lacks a proven rim protector.

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  1. Moochy Lock

    This is a wasted spot. He never was a skilled player and he is much diminished from what he once was able to offer. Should have just looked for someone in summer league who has potential but will never be a starter.