In this week’s edition of the WarriorsWorld Podcast, we start off by discussing two of the Warriors who were brought in via free agency in Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry. We also touch a little bit on a report that the new San Francisco stadium won’t cost the $500-$600 million that was initially set but instead, a whopping $1 billion.

Sheed joins us in our last segment to help us kick off a new feature to the show tentatively titled “The WarriorsWorld Mailbag” where Jordan and myself answer some questions sent in by a few readers.

Don’t forget to tune in next week where our guest will be former Warriors forward, Dorell Wright.

4 Responses

  1. From Pervis to Festus

    1. You guys said one “can’t overstate the Jack pickup” while overstating, if that was possible, the Jack pickup. Yes, i too love that pickup.

    2. I don’t agree with the whole way you introduce the new arena, don’t think it makes any sense, the question of if SF and the W’s ownership “deserves” a billion $ arena. I mean, !?

    You never seemed to gravitate to the only question around that that matters: Does ownership have that kind of money? Yes? Well, alrighty then for us, right? I mean, right?

    And SF is international. What’s you guys’ point? It’s kinda cute, i guess, to habitually bring up our putrid past, but again, what does that have to do with it?

    3. Biggest issues with AB and Tyler reside between their ears, too bad for us. AB will play more due to at least knowing what to do on D, where to be (and you have to grow his trade value.)

    4. Warriors girls = solid entertainment. Hard line reporting.

    5. The Steph question needs to ask what if you don’t sign him before the deadline? You’re paying to secure him, with the opinion if he gets hurt it’s not career ending, and that when healthy, you’re getting likely a very good deal, since (i feel) his ceiling is a much better than 12 mill per player.

    Not sure you can just wait this one out, you may lose the player (stranger things have happened, by far.) And you may pay him much more that way too.

    6. Thank you for teaching us ignorant folk not from urban settings (and some of us from them) how to understand urban chill/wisdom. Oh, thank you, thank you. (please don’t tell me that inflected voice you’re using is just you, or actually you balancing out how you usually talk to reach out to a more mainstream audience, as if everybody doesn’t change how they talk a bit for media. But come on, man. Don’t do that subtle talk down to non-urban people please, thanks. Just be yourself without that clearly formed vocal “swerve.” OK? I don’t need to hear you unintentionally come off condescending and oh so typically arrogantly “innercity.” And please, don’t tell me where you’re from, what you’ve lived through, etc. I respect it if it was especially tough, but the voice is just you trying to be cool, straight….up. You are young, i’m guessing.

  2. walkerp

    Another good episode, guys.

    Did you read the TK interview with Bogut today? Perhaps some info there to answer the question if Biedrins or Festus is going to get more playing time today.

    “But I think Festus (Ezeli) has actually surprised me. He’s very raw offensively, but I think for a back-up center, you don’t need to have a whole lot of offensive polish early in your career.

    I think he and Biedrins are going to compete for minutes. It’s going to go one way or the other. He’s strong, he blocks shots, he rebounds, he plays D. His touch is still getting there.”