The Warriors re-signed Anderson Varejao to a 1 year contract today, filling one of their remaining roster spots with the player they acquired last March.

Varejao is known as one of the most notorious floppers in the NBA, and while it can be an effective strategy to try to draw the occasional charge to swing momentum, Varejao often overdoes it.

It’s especially ridiculous when he tries to sell contact initiated by a guy way smaller than him, and his comically exaggerated flailing gets about an equal amount of incredulous laughter and indignant disgust.

If he gets more playing time next season as a backup center, hopefully he expands his game beyond just hustle plays and trying to sell contact to referees.

He has proven in his career to be a solid rebounder, decent inside scorer, and an intelligent defender. He is capable of contributing to this team beyond just flopping.

It can be a useful signing if Varejao commits himself beyond just trying to draw offensive and loose ball fouls, but he isn’t the rim protector that this Warriors lineup still lacks.

Meanwhile, Kevin Durant is finding it difficult to adjust to his negative perception around the league after his decision to sign with the Warriors.

Durant is used to being viewed as one of the league’s good guys, so this vitriol directed towards him is unfamiliar.

Andre Iguodala also said today that he thought the Oklahoma City Thunder were the Warriors’ toughest playoff opponent. That’s a combination of a slight to the Cavaliers and a painful reminder to Thunder fans about the squad they lost with the Durant departure.

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