Warriors Owner Joe Lacob gave CBS 5 “Gameday” an exclusive interview in which he talked about:

-Tyson Chandler Chase
-DeAndre Jordan Offer Sheet
-Chris Paul’s reluctance to sign an extension with the Warriors
-Klay Thompson as a Rookie of the Year candidate
-and more, check it out below

5 Responses

  1. Ryan R

    Obviously big name players don’t want to come play for the GSW “C’mon,Joe” signing a bunch of old farts wouldn’t help us at all. We need young athletic players that will draw big names in. Why do you think Paul tried to go to the Clips.

  2. C'Mon,Joe..

    Be Honest.. You spent Too much time chasing big name free agent big men that want nothing do with you and now anyone decent and affordable has already been signed.Our bench(Udoh,Amundson excluded) consist of 3 rookies from a relatively weak draft(nuff said) Oh and rounding out those 3 “gems” are 3 undrafted training camp invitees.So far this free agency period for the warriors has been a complete waste. What ever happened to all that talk about providing bench depth, so far I’m not impressed, no one should be. Where are these impact free agent players you plan on bringing in?Maybe Edwin Ubiles and Chris Wright could be steals,(they’re at least game ready b/c of the d-league) but we need veterans who contribute(Leon Powe,Rodney Stuckey,Carlos Arroyo,Ronnie Price,Steve Novak, Willie Green,Micheal Redd Ime Udoka Shawne Williams Josh Powell are still around.. I heard Pryzbilla plans to retire so forget that

    • Yo Momma

      TC said that GSw and NJN were actually his top two teams, until NYK jumped in.

  3. WorriedWarrior

    Come one, come all to the carnival freak-show of inflated stars! Our bloated players are only half as big as we’ve pumped them up to be, but yay, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So look with your lying eyes and see rejuvenated euro-bigs, all-stars by any other name, and, yes ROOKIES OF THE YEAR!

    Disappointment and delusion await! So don’t delay, purchase six-game mini-plans today!