After seemingly striking out on Chris Paul and also missing out on Tyson Chandler, the Golden State Warriors are on the verge of signing restricted free agent DeAndre Jordan to an offer sheet. Matt Steinmetz has the story:

The Warriors are poised to sign center DeAndre Jordan to an offer sheet worth approximately $40 million over four years, according to multiple sources. The offer is expected to come Sunday.

Jordan, 23, has played the past three seasons for the Los Angeles Clippers and last year averaged 7.1 points, 7.2 rebounds and 1.8 blocks in 25.6 minutes per game.

The Clippers will have three days to decide whether or not to match the offer for Jordan, a restricted free agent, or allow him to go to the Warriors.

The Dubs still seem to want to hold on to Andris Biedrins but if the Clippers fail to match and allow Jordan to become a Warrior, this scenario could shift rather quickly.

Here’s where things get interesting though: any normal team in the Clippers situation would proceed to match the offer to keep Jordan on the roster and help build a potential playoff contender with Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan serving as the team’s frontline of the future. But the Clips are far from your normal team.

Donald Sterling may end up deciding that the salary is too rich for his blood (let’s not forget, Chris Kaman is technically the starter and will make north of $12 million this season) and allow the defensive minded center to earn a paycheck from Golden State.

In other words, stay tuned…

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