Charles Barkley

The American Century Championship was held in Lake Tahoe this past weekend. Not too far from the Warriors fans, the former NBA player and current NBA on TNT analyst, Charles Barkley heard a lot of smack from fans. Barkley was a critic of jump shooting teams and said outlandish things to make his points relevant. Often seen as a Warriors hater on TV, Barkley ate his words when the Dubs won it all.

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During an NBC interview with Steve Sands, Barkley joked about the Golden State Warriors fans constant reminder of their amazing jump shooting team and had a message for the Warriors fans:

The Warriors have one of the most prideful fan bases in all of sports and they’re not afraid to show it. Barkley does swallow his pride and credits the “Splash Brothers” on their magical year. The Warriors were a force last season. From their commanding 67-15 regular season record to their strong Playoff showing, the doubters only came out when the Warriors caught a snag. They adjusted and continued on their journey to the Larry O’Brien.

Barkley now 52, still has the old school basketball demeanor. While the NBA is changing and transition to a guards’ game maybe the 6-foot-6 power forward would enjoy it more if he was a better shooter.

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  1. ds207

    Warrior fans won’t shut up until this big mouth does. He does not like the Dubs because they proved him wrong, and he can’t handle it.