Before heading to Los Angeles to enjoy the ESPYs with his teammates, Andre Iguodala took part in the first ever men’s fashion week in New York.

Iguodala has often expressed his desire to participate in the fashion world. His wishes came true as the Warrior made his rounds through NY. Ella Curon and Shirley Yu of The Cut followed the Finals MVP around town and describes a special day in the life of the fashionisto:

“I was excited to attend the first-ever men’s fashion week in New York this week, especially after traveling to the fashion week in Paris after the NBA Finals last month. I was hoping to stay longer into the week but had to present at the ESPY Awards in L.A., so I just had to take in as much as I could on Monday and Tuesday.”

Cutting his trip short, the small forward had no time to waste. From the fitting with Calvin Klein in his hotel room to the dinner he hosted, The Cut kept it real. Standing at 6’6”, clothes don’t fit perfectly on the athletic monster. His personal sylist and her assistant are on hand to keep the fit perfect.


Iggy is also the Menswear Style Director of Twice. Iguodala is interested in fashionable menswear, but that does’t necessarily mean he will be the freshest. His teammate Stephen Curry will give him a run for his money as the point guard is always dressed in Express (Curry works as a brand ambassador). Right now his accessories include sunglasses, hats, shoes and belts but in October, he’ll have a stunning ring to add to the mix.


Running into big names and casual faces is nothing new to Iguodala. While in New York he also ran into another champion, Dwyane Wade. All jokes aside, the hobby for Iguodala is becoming a reality. After his NBA career, we probably have a glimpse of his future. With the NBA season months away, Iggy currently has time for work and play.