Draymond Green Young
Now talk to me about “Money Green” and the history behind those shirts and what those mean to you?

“Money Green” is my Twitter name and all that [Laughs]. I would say I started “Money Green” probably about five years ago. I was like a sophomore in college. I was in the Moneyball Pro-Am in the summer time and Desmond Ferguson, owner of Moneyball, his team was in the Pro-Am and my team was in the Pro-Am. He was like ‘Yeah, my team is going to beat your team this year’ and I said ‘No you guys aren’t. Y’all cant beat us, we going to win the championship.’ He was like ‘Yeah, yeah’ and I said ‘Alright let’s make a bet then, if my team wins the championship this year, you make a Money Green shirt, we sell it and money goes to charity, if your team wins a championship I will do a free autograph signing at your store.’ My team won the NBA: Orlando Magic at Golden State Warriorschampionship, so that is pretty much how it came about.

I have always wanted to be able to get into a personal brand, like starting a t-shirt line and stuff and so it’s a start, who knows how far it will go, and somebody else is benefiting else from it than me, which for me always means a lot. You know anytime you can help somebody else benefit but us, it’s always a goal of mine, so it’s cool. I actually like doing that.

Were you the one behind the “CoCo” videos? Who was the one who really got that in motion?

I’m the DJ [Laughs]. So you know I am playing the music. We were listening to the song in Miami and it was catchy. Everybody was like ‘Ahhh yeah it’s catchy.’ I always play my speaker on the plane and they were like ‘Turn it on CoCo’ and Bogut was like ‘Yeah, CoCo!’ so we turned it on and Mo Speights started to record, so it wasn’t really supposed to a video. Mo Speights recorded it and put it on Instagram and it kind of just blew up form there.

I was going to say the first one almost looked like he [Mo] was trying to hide the camera…

Yeah, it wasn’t suppose to be recorded, we were just chilling, but it just caught on.

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