NBA: Orlando Magic at Golden State Warriors

Mark Jackson did well in his time here with the Golden State Warriors, but he wasn’t getting the most out of the offense. Steve Kerr has come in and dramatically improved that problem. The Warriors also hired Alvin Gentry away from the Los Angeles Clippers and he’s helped the Warriors become the third best scoring team by averaging 106.8 points per game. The Dubs also lead the league in assist per game at 26.

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Draymond Green has been enjoying this new offensive system and his numbers show it. He’s averaging a career best 12.5 points per game and has been shooting well from beyond the arc. Our own Jordan Ramirez talked to Green after practice and asked him about the concepts that Kerr brings to the table.

One thing Coach Kerr really likes is constant movement. If you get to a spot where the ball is stuck for two seconds, just move it on. That’s one thing that he’s really emphasized for two months now, since we started training camp.

It’s no secret the Warriors have emphasized ball movement, it’s been apparent since the pre-season. The Warriors struggled with it early on, at one point they led the league in turnovers. They were not used to moving the rock that much and they needed an adjustment period. However, they have turned things around and the turnover problem has improved.

The Warriors are playing a beautiful brand of basketball and this type of ball movement has made each player a threat. The Warriors are beating teams with a balanced attack. Obviously Curry is going to be Curry, but on the off-chance that he is having an off-night, the team is able to carry the load. The Warriors are dangerous, they are strong on both ends of the floor and their record shows it.

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  1. ds207

    Kerr is making a huge difference with the offense, as the numbers show. The Dubs share the ball and spead the wealth, with the result of balanced scoring and effective team play, With Jackson there was too much reliance on the splash brothers. Kerr should be the offensive co-ordinator for the Niners who look terrible right now.