It looks like the Warriors will be getting something back from the Dorell Wright trade after all (with all due respect to Edin Bavčić). As ESPN’s Marc Stein first reported, yesterday’s trade becomes a three-teamer with Jarrett Jack on his way to the Warriors and Mr. Salary Dump’s rights going to New Orleans.

The deal has not yet been finalized but Jack took to Twitter all but confirming his impending move:

The Warriors finally get a quality backup point guard that they’ve coveted so highly. Jack has had a very solid career, mostly as a backup, but is no stranger to being thrust into the starting lineup when needed. Given the questions surrounding Stephen Curry’s ankle, Golden State could not have come away with a better option to play behind him and in some instances, in place of him.

Our message board lit up with optimism when the news broke. Here are a few reactions:

“Jack good strong back up PG. also can start if Steph rolls that ankle. I approve.” – delsol650

“he’s a Warrior… woot woot. I smell 50 wins.” – Steven

“WOW..I’ve wanted Jack as a *premium* point guard for years. THANK YOU!” – Fred

Jack averaged a career-best 15.3 points and 6.3 assists for New Orleans last season as a starter.

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  1. JT's Hoops Blog

    Finally, a player in the Warriors whom will actually PASS THE DAMN BALL. Hopefully Jack will continue the solid play he showed in New Orleans. That move will also move Stephen Curry to the SG spot, a place where he’ll probably be more comfortable. I don’t know if the Warriors got any better, but at least the have some semblance of a facilitator.