In the sports business we are conditioned to see individuals come and go with no hesitation as to what the departure of that individual will mean to a city, community and fan-base.  Very few individuals have had the impact on the Bay Area community as Dorell Wright did during his stint with the Golden State Warriors. Classy, humble and professional to the core, Dorell gave his all to the Bay Area both on-and-0ff the court.  From Foundation events, coat drives, giveaways, kick-backs with fans, and much more, Wright from day one treated the Bay Area as home.

Wright sent over a personal message he wanted me to relay to Warriors fans:

“I want to take the time out to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU so much for all your support. Thank you for allowing me to call the Bay Area home for the last 2 years. Thank you for letting me put the D Wright Way Foundation footprints in your community. You guys are truly some of the best fans in the NBA and it was an honor to play hard in front of you every night. The Bay Area now has a special place in my heart. Make sure to hold down & The Lunch Box. Hold up that 3… Shoot the J!!!!”-DWright



6 Responses

  1. whitburn

    Thank you Dorell. You are great.

    Will follow you to Philly.

  2. jack

    Dorell thank you for your two years here in the bay! You were one of my favorites on the team and I’ll miss you! Good luck in Philly we will not forget you!

  3. JT's Hoops Blog

    Classy move Dorell. Hopefully you can provide Philly with the scorer that they so desperately need. You struggled last season due to the lockout shortened season and having ball hoggs for teammates. Fortunately you’ll have a player in Andre Igoudala that is ready willing and able to set you up.

  4. rich

    Dorell you truly are a class act. The Bay Area will miss you and your gracious charity events. I hope you do extremely well in Philly, they got a good one.

  5. joe

    Thank YOU, Dorell – you’ve demonstrated what so many other’s can’t / won’t: how great and influential professional athletes can be.

    As a bay area native – I want to say “THANK YOU” for doing all you did for the community. I hope more athletes (and non-athletes) can take your model and help people the best they can.

    You’re an inspiration off the court, and will be greatly missed on the court. Your professionalism was always apparent – and your pride at being a Warrior was really appreciated.

    Thank you for showing people that athletes *DO* care…

    Good luck! You will be missed int eh Bay Area.