Trying like the Dickensian

The game was sobering enough make Warriors fans drink. I mean that quite literally, since a raucous crowd to my right could have shattered breathalalyzers by the second quarter. This contest was over before you could take a shot–or at least before Curry could. Steph did not shoot till the end of the half. By then, fates were decided.

The rest was so much like watching a wounded man impotently wait for the reaper’s embrace. To further advance that death metaphor, the Warriors hype machine evoked visions of a clown, incongruously juggling during a funeral. The t-shirt giveaways, raining french fry packs, and screeched exhortations did little to quell an angry mob. Tonight may have ended Lacob’s honeymoon.

On defense, the Dubs overhelped as the Hawks surged. The D relies on gambling the same way gambling addicts rely on gambling: It doesn’t work, they get burned till brittle. Monta freelanced his interpretive defense dance while Steph emulated that freelancing. David Lee threw up a meaningless 20 and 10, because his late defensive closes gifted Smith and Horford with valuable seconds. Science fact: The theory of relativity dictates that time moves slower when David Lee guards you. The most harrowing stat is that Atlanta shot five-of-nineteen from beyond the arc. Imagine a decent-shooting night.

But the offense was even worse. Post-game, Lee and Curry noted that Atlanta confused the Warriors with constant switches. The athletic Hawks boast a versatile lineup of defensive blitzers, which they flaunted gleefully. Possessions drowned, shots clanked, fans booed. Golden State looked like they hadn’t been coached.

I spied a Larry Riley grimace on my way to the laptop. He stared into the phone that could have produced a deal. Should he have made a move? Not sure, seeing as his prospects elude me. Making a trade is not good in of itself, but this is a holding pattern worth breaking. My belief is that the Warriors were waiting for the new CBA–a deal that will likely help shallower pockets. For now, fans are left with diminished Playoff hopes. The ownership has changed. When will the Warriors?

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4 Responses

  1. knight

    Wins are up, but GSW is still in Clippers/Kings category. Playoffs aren’t close to realistic with this roster. Played last 2 games like they didn’t care and/or are spoiled. Best characteristic of an NBA coach is to know how to motivate their players to overcome their spoiled egos to play hard for team the whole game. It almost looks like this coach asks his “stars” to play hard. Most players, particularly Mr. Ellis, play at their own speed and give 100% only when they have the ball. Hopefully new ownership will make some aggresive moves and pay some big name players to come in who are used to winning. Bringing in GM and coach who have experience winning would be a professional move. We’re still the butt of jokes around the league just with a few more wins. Getting old.