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  1. EvanZ

    On Jeff Green, I posted this at apbr, thought I would re-post here, because I came to a different conclusion about his value at SF:
    According to bball-value, of the 13 lineups with enough minutes to calculate 1-yr Adj.+/-, Green appears in each one.

    8 of these lineups are negative. 5 of the lineups are positive. In the 8 negative lineups, Green appears at PF in 7 of them. Of the 5 lineups that are positive, Green appears at SF in 3 of them, PF in 1, and C in 1. The top 2 lineups with Green at SF are both ~+8.

    Small sample sizes, but combined with the prior opinion that Green has been playing out of position, since he’s been with OKC, I have to agree with Daniel that BOS and Ainge have to be thinking that they can use him in a more positive way then OKC.

    This is not to say that losing Perkins is a good thing. I personally think that BOS has made a mis-calculation here, but it wouldn’t shock me if Green does end up putting up better numbers there, if his role is to backup Pierce at SF.