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Why The Warriors Shouldn’t Trade For David Lee

Lee is many things, but a true center ain't one of 'em. The Knicks got away with playing Lee at the 5 because the East is still pretty weak overall. The West has teams with legitimately huge power forwards and centers: Bynum/Gasol, Cousins, Yao, TD, Nene, Kaman--I'll even include Sideshow Bob Lopez in Phoenix because he really showed me something last year, and he's definitely enormous. ...

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On David Lee and Defense

David Lee trade rumors are flying but it’s hard to buy the hype. Warriors management is likely doing what fans dally in: Impotent window shopping. At least that’s what they damned well should be doing—lameducks shouldn’t be raising ducklings. Lee has been a comically bad defender despite all that brilliant guidance from Eddy Curry and Starbury. His brand of defense is the absence of it. David’s the napping ...

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Ekpe Udoh Night

The weather was bleak, a greying sky that bore no contrast to Oracle’s concrete corrosion.  Inside the stadium, far too many fans bubbled with far too much enthusiasm.  After eons of Cohanese water torture, legions of Warriors supporters persevere like three-eyed fish near a nuclear plant. They simply won’t die, no matter the circumstances. Many have said that sports mean more on the East Coast. That’s a lo ...

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With The 6th Pick In The 2010 NBA Draft The Warriors Select

Greg Monroe Monroe is the best available big-man in the draft following Favors and Cousins, which for the Warriors would be a nice pick up at #6.  Monroe is the probably the most diverse and multi-faceted big man in the draft which is a huge plus since he'll be playing for Nellie who hates playing big men who can't shoot or pass.  Monroe gives the Warriors another young big to add to their collection, provi ...

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Kevin Love for Anthony Randolph? Yes?

By Sherwood Strauss The Warriors have reached a verbal agreement with their fans “not to suck.” No word on the exact terms, something about Oracle, Maui, and Tim Kawakami getting bored. In the meantime, I'll speculate on a trade rumor that will likely hang till draft day. I’m a huge Anthony Randolph booster, defender, damn near sycophant. I’ve never seen a talent quite like him, and I’ve never seen a talent ...

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Jobbed: Anthony Randolph and Kevin Love

Love and Randolph are linked in trade rumors, and it makes cosmic sense.  Two players, screwed by comical talent squandering, brain-melting irrationality. Just thinking about either situation makes me crave an aneurism.  Or an NBA front office job. Anthony Randolph: The Weeping Pogo Stick Minute thieves: Mikki Moore (seriously?), Chris Hunter (who?), Vlad Rad (!), anyone over 6-2 ...

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Losing Lotto: Knee Jerks

•    Thanks for winning those games, Nellie.  At least Don combed his hair for the late season franchise-bludgeoning victories. I guess. •    Speaking of stretches untanked, the NBA should go back to the old system where every playoff team has an equal lottery chance. Why incentivize tanking? And if a 13th ranked team gets the first pick, so be it. Problem solved, no more porter potty baths for season ticke ...

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