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1) It would further clog our already crowded front court, which would…

2) Limit the development of our young 4s and 5s. Whatever you think of AR, BW, or EU, the only way we’ll find out what we really have with any of them is via playing time, which will already be at a premium because of Beans and Ronny.

3) Lee is many things, but a true center ain’t one of ’em. The Knicks got away with playing Lee at the 5 because the East is still pretty weak overall. The West has teams with legitimately huge power forwards and centers: Bynum/Gasol, Cousins, Yao, TD, Nene, Kaman–I’ll even include Sideshow Bob Lopez in Phoenix because he really showed me something last year, and he’s definitely enormous. The point is, David Lee is barely a 5 in the East, and wouldn’t be able to hang physically in the West. As a result, his rebounding numbers would go down and our already porous frontcourt D would erode even further.

4) If you’re comparing Monta and Lee, you can’t just put their numbers up side by side even though Monta comes out looking pretty good in that analysis. Basketball is such a team sport that you have consider the context. And the Knicks provided Lee with an incredible environment for putting up gaudy numbers last year.

-D’Antoni’s system inflates offensive numbers by running constantly and requiring the players to play absolutely no D, which leaves them with more energy on the other end

-Shitty team = lots of touches
-Plenty of blowouts = opponents’ putting their scrubs in early on
-Weak competition at his position on the team = ample minutes

Now before you say that Monta enjoyed the same advantages (which he did, with the possible exception of the touches), you have to consider whether those advantages would be there for Lee in the case of a trade. And they wouldn’t. Lee wouldn’t get as many minutes or touches because our front court is too crowded. The W’s will not be great, but they’ll be more competitive than the Knicks were last season, which means there will be fewer blowouts. The competition in the West will mean Lee has to work a hell of a lot harder to get his.

Don’t get me wrong: I like David Lee as a player. If we didn’t have so many similar players already, I’d be more interested. But other than a dominant low post force–which, to quote Rick Pitino, ain’t walkin’ through that door–this team needs a legit 2 or 3 more than anything.

So the W’s should try to trade Monta for Granger or Iguodala or just wait. Monta will put up impressive numbers again, and eventually the offers for him will improve. He’s a special, if frustrating, offensive player, and we can’t afford to further f#$% up our team just get him off of it.

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  1. anon

    lot of stuff that i disagree w/and think is flat out wrong. lee was in an environment where it was easy to put up gaudy #’s, but ellis was not? what are you talking about? ellis had the green light to shoot as much as he wanted. regarding our young 4’s, if lee keeps udoh off the floor fine; didn’t care for the pick anyway and wright and biedrins are glass men. front court depth is a good thing. also (as someone else noted) we do not have similar players to david lee on this roster. there is not a single big on the roster w/a skillset close to lee’s unless by similar you mean play the same position

  2. Ambal

    This trade shows complete incompetence of Warrior’ Management. The memories about Chris Webber and Latrell Sprewell are still aching. And now they trade away another extremely talented young player. The only purpose of this trade is to cover that Nelson spoiled the relationship with Anthony Randolph beyond repair. Why would not we trade Nelson? I am not sure how good Lee is. I am not sure that he deserves this big contract. We are getting in this black hole just to cover incompetence of management team. Unfortunately we also have an owner that does not care. In essence we give away Randolph for nothing – we could have signed Lee for this price anyway. Would Durant be sitting on the bench two years Thunder would be nowhere now. Warriors ‘ fans should be boycotting games until all this management would be held responsible.

  3. Warriors Fan7

    i like this deal. For once the warriors actually did something smart. Lee is a top 5-7 PF in the league and actually gives the warriors a low post player that can score. Yes everyone believes that Randolph has the skills to be a Chris Bosh type but think about our frontcourt. We are already loaded a PF we have Wright who is not a Chris Bosh type but still can be a good quality PF. We also have Ekpe Udoh who is going to take a Turiaf role which is a sparkplug big-man off the Bench who can rebound and block shots. Either way we had to trade either Wright or Randolph because they are essentially the same player so why not trade the person who has the most value and get something for him. Besides Randolph the they basically gave up nothing. GOOD JOB FOR ONCE WARRIORS

  4. Chris

    So what you’re telling me is that warriors need more offense, matt? Biedrins can be a solid 12/12 guy (although he shoots a worse FT% then his FG%), and Randolph if given starting minutes could be another 15/10 guy, maybe better. Keep in mind, he was coming into his own before he injured his ankle. He was only averaging 25 minutes/game (doesn’t need Monta Ellis 44 min/game numbers, but give him 38-42, he’s a big boy, he can take it). His per48 minutes stats would look like 24/14/3 blocks on 80% FT shooting and 44% FG (which would obviously go up). I’m just saying, I think Randolph would have been better if given a full season under a coach not named Don.

  5. matt

    wow you couldnt be more wrong on the warriors picking up Lee. This would be a huge improvement, what big man is like lee on the warriors? no one near his skill level on the warriors. I will gurantee no one on that team will put up 20 poinst a game 11 reb and shoot 81% from the line and he would be in almost the same O that allowed him to flourish this year. i would rather have them trade wright instead of randolph either way i say yes to Lee for that deal.

  6. Chris

    I’m hoping that the Warriors wouldn’t trade Randolph for Lee. While Lee is proven, I think Randolph has higher potential. Were they able to tap into that potential last year: heck yeah! then he got injured. If they were to trade Wright in Randolph’s spot, I’d like this trade a lot more.

  7. WarriorsJunkie

    i think they shouldnt have put the bay bridge on the warriors new logo. Too suggestive to go jump off it!!!

  8. Nicky

    “So the W’s should try to trade Monta for Granger or Iguodala or just wait.”

    I vote for “just wait,” as in “please just wait until we have a new front office, and let them make these important decisions!”

  9. Q

    Not sure who you think is a similar player to Lee currently on the Warriors roster. He can actually make a jumpshot consistently and rebounds. Who fits that description among the PF’s and C’s on the Warriors roster? I agree that he’s not tall enough, but he would be a certain upgrade.