Greg Monroe

Monroe is the best available big-man in the draft following Favors and Cousins, which for the Warriors would be a nice pick up at #6.  Monroe is the probably the most diverse and multi-faceted big man in the draft which is a huge plus since he’ll be playing for Nellie who hates playing big men who can’t shoot or pass.  Monroe gives the Warriors another young big to add to their collection, provides depth, competition and flexibility to make a move this off-season involving Anthony Randolph or Andris Biedrins.

Interview with Nellie after the Sunday workouts with his thoughts on Manute Bol’s passing and the draft. At the 3:26 mark Nellie talks about Monroe’s passing ability.

Interview with Greg Monroe after Warriors pre-draft workout

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  1. Marc

    Can some one get Larry Riley’s attention or at least write a blog concerning adding talent next to Curry over the next two summers?
    Unless we get some other stars, Curry is gonna bolt like so many Warriors past. We have some great fans up here, and it’s time to show some vision and a PLAN.

    I don’t know if Randolf pans out long-term, but I’d like to see us make trades to stockpile more picks, or get cap space. Almost everyone on our roster is expendable. As far as this summer goes we need to trade whichever higher priced players we can, and get picks and/or expiring contracts back. The expensive guys we have aren’t difficult to replace, with the possible exception of our big ol’ center. Seriously, trade Maggette and whoever else to make someone take him. I like Corey just fine, but we need to get younger studs to grow with Steph. I’d happily part with Azubuike too, even though he’s also a nice player.

    We could easily make a trade for Richard Jefferson… he’d fit in fine next year for Don Nelson, but it’s worth it just to open up our payroll and make a nice free agent signing or two down the line. The Spurs might even give us a first round pick in return, even if it’s a future pick. I’d like to hear that more than just trade-Ellis pipe dream rumors– some expensive contracts we are just stuck with, but let’s make all the deals we can.