(I’m profiling the big three unpredictable factors for this upcoming Warriors season. Today, the focus is on a forgotten man)

Brandan Wright. He still exists. He still looks like a sad Dracula. His shoulder still slumps atop his arm, waiting to explode all over some unsuspecting baseline. In this Summer interview, he mentions the possession of “unbearable potential,” which is either a malapropism or Freudian reveal:

They spend most of the conversation talking about his injuries. I’d say the segment’s potential unbearability was met and transcended. It was like watching a shark attack victim trace the teeth marks on his body, while clinging to a buoy. On second thought, sorry if you saw the above-posted clip, feel free to sue me for Post Traumatic Vicarious Shoulder Pain.

2007-2008 PER:17.14
2008-2009 PER:18.77
2009-2010 PER: 24/7 spent in Dracula Coffin

Despite much fan sentiment to the contrary, Wright has been good when in the game, doing the things that Warriors management doesn’t value–because they haven’t valued value. But his playing time has been⟻interrup(stopped)ted.

Randolph and Turiaf morphed into Lee and Amundson. Wright remains, minus his peer rival, Anthony. Fans either invested in Randolph’s raw ferocity or Wright’s polished calm. Both were young, lanky lefties, who produced sneak previews of what they could be in new systems with new coaches with new medical staffs in a different dimension where the Warriors don’t suck and Cohan never existed. But AR endured, and BW slid off the map and into a trainer’s office. Now Randolph’s gone and fans vaguely remember Wright as the guy who had the audacity to be traded for Jason Richardson.

Brandan still has the ability to produce at an All Star level of offensive production. His body might choose the scrub path, but the potential is there. And who knows? With Don Nelson on the way out, a different vibe…I’m not sleeping on Wright’s leap, there could be 10 extra wins in that vault–though the jump might shatter him.


4 Responses

  1. Bebop

    I think B-Wright is gonna have his year. Hopefully it’s this year, but who knows with Nellie still officially at the helm. He has a great baby hook, looks relaxed in the post (actually he would look relaxed fighting off a rabid bear attack), and has decent weak-side shot blocking.

    If he could only get consistent (*gasp*), limited minutes to build up his confidence, he could be a great addition to the bench unit, along with Amundson, Williams, and Lin/ Bell. Having a post threat off the bench? That may just put the Warriors up a notch or two in the standings.

  2. Robert

    This is stupid, Don Nelson called him the best player at camp last yr, the guy hasn’t played in 2 yrs so you can’t say the Warriors are down on him. They haven’t traded him, and they extended his rookie contract. He could still be a player if he stays injury free and show any type of skills that he hasn’t shown us in his time here with the Warriors.

  3. el jeffe

    Met Steve Nash once, Probably the coolest cat as far as big time celebs go. im ok with sad dracula being a nice guy, as long as he’s nasty along the baseline and the boards.

  4. BASG

    I met Wright once after a game on the floor (some charity thing Adonal Foyle organized, and Wright was dragged out there to shake hands with people because they share the same agent). Perhaps the nicest, most unassuming professional athlete I’ve not only met, but could ever imagine. Is he too nice to be an NBA mainstay? With a shoulder that doesn’t seem capable of fully healing, I don’t think we’ll ever know.