(Assorted on and off topic GSW quotes from a night at Oracle)

Mark Jackson Post-Game

ESS: (In reference to Biedrins) What does it mean to start a guy when he doesn’t get as many minutes as his backups are getting? Does that mean he’s still the best guy between all of them?

Mark Jackson: It means you’re just the guy who’s not playing as many minutes as his backup. That’s all it means. I don’t think too much of it. He’s our only legit center. He’s earned that right, and I’m very happy with the way that he sets the tone, defensively for us. And Ekpe is playing much better than he did early on. 

Monta on Kevin Martin and flopping

ESS: Do you ever see the flails Kevin Martin does when he’s trying to draw fouls, that floppy way of playing? Do you ever think about adding some of that to your game?

Monta Ellis: NO.

ESS: Are you anti-flop?

Monta Ellis: No. That’s just…that’s not me. That’s what they do. I’m not gonna do that.

David Lee on Linsanity 

ESS: You played with Lin, you played with the Knicks. Are you surprised at all by this?

David Lee: The first Linsanity question! Took a minute. I think he’s a hard worker, I think he’s a great kid. I think he’s got some talent. I did not expect what he’s been doing, being more or less the player of the week in the NBA. It’s great to see a kid of his character and his work ethic, get a chance and be successful, because it means that guys who are having trouble breaking through in the league and things like that, lets all those guys believe that they have a shot as well.

ESS: Do you ever give him any advice on how to handle that crazy media situation  over there?

David Lee: I only talk to him about 30 minutes a day. He’s doing a great job with it. His thing is to keep it simple and just work hard.

Mark Jackson Pre-Game

ESS: Is your starting unit your best defensive unit?

Mark Jackson: When you’re talking about individuals, Dre is a very good post defender. Dom(inic McGuire) is a very good flat-out defender, our best defender. So I don’t think, collectively, it’s awfully tough for me to say, “Who’s the best?” I think ultimately, each guy, other than those two, need help.

ESS: Today’s a Sunday, I’m assuming you went to church?

Mark Jackson: Good assumption.

ESS: On the road, do you go to a church or not? What do you do if you’re playing on a Sunday on the road? 

Mark Jackson: If we’re playing on a Sunday–which I don’t know if we have–if I’m off, I go back home. If I’m on the road, I will find a church in that city. So yes. Great question.