Lee and Barnes

The Warriors and David Lee knew the end of the relationship was coming and mutually parted ways. In the best way possible, their relationship ended with a ring. Lee sacrificed his own selfish reasons to fulfill his desire to play for the better of the team. The team was winning and he did whatever he could to help; from being the locker room guy to being ready to play, Lee was a complete professional.

The Warriors honored David Lee with a tribute video highlighting his time in the Bay Area:

From his close relationship to Stephen Curry to a thunderous slam-dunk against Marrese Speights (with the Grizzlies), the video truly is heartfelt. The best moments could be the multiple highlights against the rivals, the Los Angeles Clippers. His All-Star Game appearance gave the Warriors fans something to feel proud about.

Lee will forever be a member of the Warriors championship, but more importantly a member of the Warriors family. A true Warrior, his character was everything this franchise needed. When they were down, he was there to pull double doubles, and now they’ve reached the top with all his contributions. The trade was finalized as the Boston Celtics welcomed Lee with open arms. The NBA scheduled has not released for the 2015-16 NBA season, but Lee will receive a warm welcoming when he returns to the Oracle Arena.