Longtime Warrior fan and past president of his high school’s Tim Hardaway fan club Simon Wells announced his desire for a trade via Twitter today. The Hayward California resident posted “cant take cohan any longer. Pls trade me to another team!” earlier this afternoon.

“I’m really hoping to root for a big-market team that gets a lot of games broadcast nationally,” said Simon later this afternoon. “And I’d really love the experience of following my team in a conference finals or even a league finals before I retire as a fan. Who knows where I could end up.”

Those close to Wells say that his discontent has been brewing for some time. “He was a big Baron (Davis) fan,” said his brother Justin. “Of course Simon was upset when he left the team. But it’s the little things that hurt him more. Trading Marco (Bellinelli) for (Devean) George is what pushed him over the edge.”

Not everyone was disheartened by Simon’s very public display of frustration. An anonymous poster who uses the handle “gsw-hoops” on the wildly popular and irrational warriorsworld.net website had this to say: “Simon didn’t actually go to many games or buy any products advertised during Warriors games, so there’s no net loss to the team. And, for the few games he did go to, his seat is now available to real fans. I see the team improving as a result.”

League rules strictly prohibit fans from publicly requesting to switch teams without penalty, and Simon is no exception. “As soon as I sent that tweet, I’ve gotten over 40 calls from ticket reps from every team in the league. That’s what the NBA does to disloyal fans. At first I was flattered, but now I wish they would all stop calling, except for Amy from the Heat. She sounds hot.”

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