The Warriors’ fan base is known throughout the league as one of the best in terms of devotion to their team. I mean, what else can explain fans filling Oracle Arena for the past decade-plus despite one winning season in the past 15 years? I’ve been to games on a random Wednesday evening against bottom-feeding teams with that place filled and the fans just as passionate as a primetime game against the Lakers.

But if you think you’re Golden State’s biggest fan, I’m sorry to inform you, but you’re probably coming in second place to this guy, Septer from Vallejo, CA.

ESPN is currently holding a Hall of Fans contest to determine who is the most hardcore fan of their respective team. Septer is currently one of the ten finalists and rightfully so. This guy has Warriors memorabilia for days, a Warriors tattoo and he even got married at Oracle Arena.

Read that again. Married at Oracle Arena. Oh, and of course his wedding colors were blue and yellow.

I showed this picture and subsequent video to my girlfriend and she immediately replied with, “No.” Maybe you’ll have better luck.

I encourage any and all Warrior fans to go and vote for this guy and help him get enshrined into the Hall of Fans because frankly, he deserves it.

Click here to vote and watch the video of Septer making his case:

Do it quick. There’s only a few hours left.

2 Responses

  1. thinktank

    This one is easy. I see lots of regular fans at the oracle. But to engage in a public forum with this intensity defines gswfan4ever as the Ws greatest fan