Rumors running wild about the future of Monta Ellis in Golden State- one day he’s heading to Philadelphia, the next he’s going to Atlanta, you get the drift.  With the possibility of Monta being moved at or around draft night, I think the Warriors should draft BYU standout Jimmer Fredette.

Fredette is a dynamic scorer who carried BYU last season even though he was the sole focus of the opposing defense nightly.  Fredette’s frame can be compared to that of New Jersey Nets PG Deron Williams as both are compact and solidly built.  Fredette brings instant offense and ball-handling to the Warriors’ bench- areas in which they severely stumbled last season. At BYU, he was asked to carry the offensive load for the team which meant staying out of foul trouble on the defensive end; thus, we don’t know what he can or can’t do on the defensive end of the court yet.

While he won’t be mistaken for a defensive player of the year candidate anytime soon or lead the league in dunks, Fredette can provide instant energy and action both on-and-off the court which has to be a selling point for the Warriors.

Better than drafting another big stiff who won’t pan out.


9 Responses

  1. Kent

    Was this reporters former job covering ping pong tournaments? There is NO WAY the Jimmer will be a Warrior. If Utah doesn’t take him at 12 he won’t go until after the 20th pick. Warriors big needs are a big defensive shooting 2 and a defensive front court man.

  2. Miguel

    I can’t believe this is an ESPN affiliate. The coverage of the Warriors here is abysmal. Won’t waste my time again…

  3. Tor

    No way. Biyombo, T Thompson, or Burks. Fredette is overrated. Shooting is his only NBA level skill. Can’t defend, rebound, pass. Won’t be able to score inside. Yikes.

  4. lebowski

    sign me up as well. i honestly think fredette will have the best career of all in this draft *with maybe the exception of williams. i don’t know if i am sold on jimmer replacing either of curry or ellis, but will be a very good pro.

    if he’s drafted, ellis or curry need to be moved to shore up the frontcourt.

  5. Keith

    You can’t be serious, that’s terrible. I am hoping for Chris Singleton.

  6. dee

    if he’s available at the 44th pick. we should def pick him up

  7. bgalella

    Not really sure what the difference between Jimmer Fredette and Stephen Curry are, think Bismack Biyombo is the pick if he is available.