NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Golden State Warriors

By: Yama Hazheer

Larry Ellison was the favorite to buy the Golden State Warriors in 2010 when Chris Cohan finally decided to sell the team. Cohan was a notoriously bad owner. Joe Lacob and Peter Guber outbid Ellison and the franchise was sold for $450 million.

Lacob was a season ticket holder for the Warriors before he bought the team. He was a part-owner of the Boston Celtics when they won their 17th NBA Championship. He knows what it takes to win and is willing to spend and listen to his general manager and coaches compared to other owners.

The Warriors have already been more successful under Lacob’s reign than they have been under Cohan’s. The Warriors have sold the most merchandise league-wide since the start of 2015 and star player Stephen Curry has emerged as one of the faces of the NBA as a whole.

Golden State was represented proudly during the NBA-All Star Weekend and currently holds the best record in the league. Days haven’t been this bright for Warrior fans since decades ago. Some fans haven’t even seen good days from this franchise until recently.

The team ownership has taken a major leap in terms of direction and there is plenty to be thrilled about regarding the Warriors organization. Here are some of the best moves that the Warriors have made during Lacob’s tenure as the majority owner:

Warriors Arena

7. Choosing to move back to San Francisco

The Bay Area has been blessed with tons of sports teams. The Giants, 49ers, A’s, Raiders, Sharks, and Earthquakes have all had their share of success. The Warriors are quickly progressing as they are filled with loads of potential themselves.

Oracle Arena is the loudest in the league; Warrior fans are heard on any given night, home or away. Moving to San Francisco gives the team an even bigger market to work with. The arena that is hoping to open in 2018 will have amenities that other stadiums in pro sports don’t have. Joe Lacob and the Warriors front office want to give the fans an experience like there hasn’t been before. The Bay Area will become an even hotter destination for free agents than ever before.

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