Ray Allen is getting restless in retirement and is thinking about making a comeback. The Golden State Warriors are on his short list of teams that he’d come out of retirement to play for, according to Chris Broussard.

Allen hasn’t played since the 2013-2014 season, when he averaged 9.6 points per game for the Miami Heat team that lost in the NBA Finals to the San Antonio Spurs.

Allen is going to turn 41 this summer, but his skill set doesn’t typically deteriorate with age. Plus he was always known for his impeccable conditioning during his NBA career, so if any player could successfully return to the league at this age, it’d be a guy like Allen.

Along with the Warriors, Allen’s representatives have reached out to the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s believed that he’d also consider joining the San Antonio Spurs or the Los Angeles Clippers.

Add Allen to what’s bound to be a long list of ring chasers who want to win a championship with a potentially legendary team.

Allen’s return is not imminent, but if he does suit up for another season, he can really help a team as a shooting specialist off the bench.

In a league that has been engulfed by the perimeter jump shot, it almost seems as if Allen was ahead of his time when he came into the league in the late 1990s.

The Warriors are also uncommitted to pursuing Allen, but it’s still an intriguing option for them to consider. They knew that a lot of veteran players would be willing to join them for cheap, but Allen is a slightly different case.

Two seasons is a long time to be away from the speed of NBA basketball. If Allen does decide to return, it’s beneficial that he’s doing this now instead of in the middle of a season where it’d be difficult to adjust to the grueling pace of the games.

In the offseason he’d have ample time to both hit the gym and prepare through training camp.

On a team with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson raining 3s, and Steve Kerr as the head coach, it seems like destiny that the guy who has hit more 3-pointers than anybody in NBA history would join in the fun.

That quick release that Allen has would look even better in a Warriors uniform. Imagine Allen coming off the bench and providing a jolt to the team with some big 3-pointers next season.

If Allen does become a Warrior, an already incredible lineup will add yet another unique piece to help win games.