Following the trade earlier this month which sent Ronny Turiaf, Anthony Randolph and Kelenna Azubuike to New York for David Lee; there was an enormous outcry as to how the Warriors made a bad deal.  Now, we won’t know who got the better of the deal for a few years but its certain that the Warriors lost one of the better guys in the NBA.  Ronny Turiaf represents what an athlete should be- maximum effort on the court, personable, talkative and engaging off the court.  As Turiaf embarks on the latest journey in his career, I caught up him recently to get some parting words for Warrior fans. Check it out.

Initial reaction to the trade sending you to New York? Who called to tell you the news?

I was made aware of the possibility of the trade happening by my agent. He told me that everything depended on the choice of Lebron James. Initial reaction was surprised. Never been in this situation before.

What will you miss most about playing with the Warriors? What will you miss most about the Bay Area?

I will miss Oracle Arena, I will miss the interactions with my old teammates. I created bonds with the guys on this team and this organization that I personally value. I will miss my sidekick Andris “Goose” Biedrins.

About the Bay Area, I will miss living in close proximity to my favorite restaurants; Chipotle, Northbeach Pizza, and Calzones after games and ultimately my house.

If you could change one thing from your time with the Warriors what would that be?

Two things- not as many losses and injuries.

Give us your thoughts on David Lee, what type of player was he to play against?

David lee is an All-Star in this league, someone who plays really hard- night in and night out. He will be a great addition to the Golden State Warriors. He will definitely balance out the roster.

How do you see yourself fitting in, in New York? Are you looking to be a starter now?

I see myself fitting in great. I know how to play fast, I have a high basketball IQ, I’m looking to fit in wherever I’m asked to. In my mind, I’m working as hard as I can to play starter minutes. They are counting on me and are very excited to have me be part of their squad. It’s a tremendous feeling to be counted on. That’s what every basketball player asks for.

What are you working on improving this off-season? Are you fully healthy?

I consider myself finally really close to being fully healthy which was not the case for the last season and a half. My main goal this off-season is to work on my conditioning and to regain strength and my offensive game, getting back to the Gonzaga “scoring” days.

Final words to all your fans in the Bay Area?

Thank you for your tremendous support troughout my time there. I wish y’all nothing but the best. Cant wait to come back to oracle and play against the Warriors and try to block Stephen Curry’s shot. hahahahahaha. Oh and dont forget to check me out on  I’m gone but still involved in the community. Believe that!

“A Bientot Warriors Fans”

8 Responses

  1. austin

    ronny turiaf was one of my favorite warriors the last few years and I just loved watching him block shots and bring energy to the floor. he was a true competitor and a great guy and I wish him the best of luck in new york

  2. Eddy

    Good Luck Rony. A true class act in the NBA. W’s fans will miss your leadership on and off the court

  3. NYCBaby

    Ronny – NYC has Chipotle’s too. In fact, they are EVERYWHERE so you”re covered!

  4. Vegaswarrior

    We will miss you ronny hopefully when your contract is up hope you come back to the bay area.

  5. Bud

    We will miss you a ton, Ronny! You are one of the truly good guys in the NBA. You’re one of my favorite Warriors the past couple years and I will now be a Knicks fan again for the first time since they had Ewing! Knicks will be fun to watch with Stoudamire and the haul from Golden State. Best of luck!

  6. DeuelWarrior

    Yeah he is a good dude. I hope he does well out there in the big apple.

  7. FeatherRiverDan

    A pretty cool guy….wish him nothing but the best….