The Free Agency period is right around the corner and we can only count down the days until the start of the 2016-17 NBA season. The draft allowed all 30 teams to try and improve their roster for next season and the Warriors are excited about their two selections.

With the 30th pick in the NBA Draft, the Warriors chose Damian Jones, a 7-foot big man out of Vanderbilt University. Jones is known as an athletic big man who can be a force on the glass and block shots. With a 7-fooot-3 wingspan, Jones has the prototypical body for a dominating big man in the NBA.

Jones does need to work on his low-post moves and he will have a good mentor in Andrew Bogut to show him the ropes. Upside is a word commonly used when talking about prospects and Jones has plenty of it. With a decent jumper and his athletic ability, Jones could be a force to be reckoned with in the near future.

Jones still has time to grow and will need time to fully develop. At the moment, Jones is recovering from surgery to repair a torn pectoral muscle. Luckily, Jones had one of the best surgeons in the business perform the surgery, Dr. Benjamin Domb.

Warriors World was fortunate to interview Dr. Domb and he provided great insight about Jones’ injury and his recovery process:


Let’s get to know Dr. Benjamin Domb:

Dr. Benjamin Domb is a nationally renowned Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon as well as Head Team Physician for the Chicago Sky. He has pioneered multiple surgical techniques in arthroscopy and sports medicine. Due to his reputation in the field for outstanding surgical skill and talented hands, professional athletes from across the country regularly fly to Chicago to seek care with Dr. Domb.

See Dr. Domb’s bio for further details – see top of screen for just a few of the high profile athletes that have been treated by Dr. Domb:

What got you into sports medicine?

Dr. Domb’s interest in sports medicine began with abilities with his hands. He initially used those abilities as an athlete himself. Standing 6’7”, Dr. Domb played center for Princeton University. After going on to play professionally in Spain, Dr. Domb moved on to pursue his interest in Sports Medicine, using his hands to help other athletes.

Can you explain Damian Jones’ injury and why it happened?

Pectoralis major tears occur from time to time in athletes, most commonly while exerting a force using the muscle, as in bench-pressing.  The pectoralis major is the large muscle of the chest, commonly known as the “pec”.  Strains within the muscle may be treated non-surgically.  However, when the tendon of the pec is torn off of the bone, the injury is generally treated with surgical repair. Surgery was performed in Chicago on June 14.  The surgery involves repair of the pec tendon to the humerus bone.  All parts of Damian’s surgery went smoothly, and as planned.  We were able to identify the pec tendon without any difficulty, and to repair it in an anatomic way to the humerus.

How long and complicated was the surgery?USATSI_9143580_168381750_lowres

Surgery went smoothly, requiring just over one hour.

What is the time table for him to return to the court?

Generally physical therapy begins approximately six weeks after surgery. The rehabilitation involves a gradual progression of strengthening, as the repaired tendon regains its strength and integrity. After full strength is achieved, a sport-specific training program is begun, culminating in return to the court. Rehabilitation content and timeline is individualized to the athlete, as every player heals differently.  We will plan to progress Damian through his rehabilitation at the quickest rate possible while allowing the tendon sufficient time to heal.

Some media outlets have said he might not be ready for the start of the season, can you provide better insight?

Not at this time

What will Damian Jones’ workout schedule/regimen look like?

He is planned to begin physical therapy six weeks after the surgery. He will go through a highly individualized rehabilitation, beginning with strengthening of the pec, then moving into a sport-specific training program, and ultimately progressing to return to play.

What type of activities are prohibited during this rehab process?

He will remain in a sling for the first 6 weeks after surgery.USATSI_9072971_168381750_lowres

What is the likelihood of Jones’ re-injuring his torn pectoral muscle?

Rehabilitation content and timeline is individualized to the athlete, as every player heals differently.  We will plan to progress Damian through his rehabilitation at the quickest rate possible while allowing the tendon sufficient time to heal, and will take all needed steps to minimize the risk of recurrent injury.

How will this injury affect his game moving forward?

We expect an excellent recovery.

Any safety precautions Jones or anybody for that matter can take to avoid this type of injury?

This was essentially a freak injury, with no discernable risk factor or preexisting injury. Beyond that, I would give the same advice to anyone who lifts weights – lift them in a slow and controlled fashion.