With NBA free-agency set to begin in less than 48 hours, rumors have been wildly swirling around since the end of the NBA Finals. While the biggest fish out there is Kevin Durant, whom the Golden State Warriors plan to pursue aggressively, the overwhelming majority of people expect KD to resign with his Oklahoma City Thunder for at least one more season.

However, if the Warriors can’t land Durant, despite reported interest from the former league MVP, what should the teams course of action be to reach a third consecutive NBA Finals?

The potential for a substantial amount of roster turnover looks increasingly likely as owner Joe Lacob seems to be moving on from the idea of small ball. While speaking at the Stanford’s Director College summit recently, the Silicon Valley Business Journal reported that Lacob said

“We drove this idea of small ball, and it’s a different style of play,” he said. “Having said that, I think it’s important to know that whenever everyone else starts doing things, it’s time to start doing what’s next. We’re on to the next idea — How can we iterate to evolve to get an advantage? I can assure you we’re very forward thinking in that regard.”

The most pressing matter that the Warriors have on their hands in regards to their own roster is Harrison Barnes. What do you do with a 6’8″, 24-year-old who can seamlessly play at least three positions, who’s dripping with potential but has never truly shown the ability to be a star player and choked during the most crucial games of the 2016 Finals? No one really knows, but, despite this general uncertainty, many around the league still expect Barnes to command a max contract or something close it.

He’s now gone on the record as saying he wants to stay in the Bay Area, but the Dubs are expected to face opposition from the Lakers, Sixers and Suns amongst others.

With Barnes being a restricted free agent, the Warriors have the right to match any contract offer that the small forward gets and bring him back into the fold. But if a max contract offer is on the table, the Dubs will have to look and hard about the pros and cons of bringing him back.

If the Warriors do not decide to bring Barnes back, names such as Nicolas Batum and Evan Turner have been discussed as potential cheaper alternatives.

Both Batum and Turner would fit well within head coach Steve Kerr’s position-less, ball movement oriented offense. The Dubs may also elect to bring back players such as Brandon Rush and James Michael McAdoo as cheap swing men who already have an understanding of the Warriors style of play and culture.

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There is then the issue of what to do at the center position. With Andrew Bogut getting injured in the NBA Finals, a gaping hole was left in the middle of the Warriors defense and the Cavaliers were able to bully them on the block and dominated the rebounding battle. Bogut only has one more year left on his contract and therefore might be an easy chip to trade if a team wanted to gamble on the Australian big man.

Much like Barnes, back up center Festus Ezeli is a restricted free agent who the Warriors may chose to let walk if a large enough contract offer from a different team comes across the table. If Ezeli does leave, there are a plethora of big men that don’t look to command a large contract that the Warriors can chose from.

If the Warriors do decide to open up the checkbook, players such as Hassan Whiteside and Al Horford are out there as well if a splashy move is in the cards.

At the end of the day, the Warriors already possess one of, if not the most, impressive rosters in the league and any moves made in free agency will do nothing but bolster the squad.

Free-agency is set to begin on July 1st.

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