Dubs 2015

1. Are you ok with the Warriors not making any moves by the trade deadline?

Jordan Ramirez

Yes. Did the Warriors see two Western Conference contenders — Portland and Oklahoma City — get better? Absolutely. Are those two teams suddenly better than the Warriors? Absolutely not. Both those teams make a potential series with Golden State that much tougher, but the Warriors don’t have a glaring need, more so areas where they could improve given the perfect scenario. If a team offered a lengthy, active defender on a short-term, affordable deal for Lee and a pick or two, I can see the Warriors making such a deal.

A buyout is the likeliest of scenarios for any additions, but with James Michael McAdoo signing for the remainder of the season that makes any addition a little less likely. This team doesn’t have any glaring holes, but they can improve in the front-court. With that said, the Warriors won’t — and shouldn’t — move mountains to add a marginal player. As it was in the offseason, the best move was the one not taken.

Saam Esfandiari

Yes. There wasn’t a move to be made without significantly altering the team. We’d all like another big man or another reliable outside shooter who can defend, but so would 29 other teams. The price of any of those would be breaking up the core or a future pick, neither of which make since right now. The Warriors still have the opportunity to sign a player who’s bought out or a free agent. I’d look into that and if it makes sense do it.

Alex Torres

Sometimes the best move is making no move at all, which could prove to be the case for the Golden State Warriors. While I would have liked to see them add another big man, the current roster in place is good enough to capture an NBA title. This team’s chemistry is off the charts and adding another player could have a negative effect. As long as Andrew Bogut is healthy, the Warriors will be in great shape for the postseason and they already have one of the deepest teams in the league. For better or worse, this is the team that Steve Kerr will lead in May and June.

2. Should they have traded David Lee?

Jordan Ramirez

No, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be traded this coming offseason. The team eventually needs to unload Lee given his significant contract, but the team is also having a historic season. Even with Lee’s injuries and struggles as of late, the team needs his rebounding and inside scoring as the season progresses.

Mo Speights has had an impressive season, but Festus Ezeli still isn’t ready for any type of consistent minutes following his injury and Bogut’s injury risks are always a concern. The front-court is lacking consistent depth, not so much bodies. For whatever you think of Lee’s disappearing jumper or lack of interior defense, he gives the Warriors a body and can still finesse inside and rebound. This ownership values chemistry, and even though Lee might not be with the team next season, it’s hard to want to make a major trade given the success of this season. Their patience is understandable.

Saam Esfandiari

Probably not. It’s hard to tell what offers were out there for Lee right now but it almost surely would have required attaching a future 1st round pick. The Warriors are already short on picks so they shouldn’t be giving away the key they have without a good return. Add to it, Golden State would need to find another big man to replace Lee and it becomes even more difficult. Lee has his flaws, but he’s still a very good rotation player. The Warriors are probably better suited exploring the option of moving Lee in the summer, when he has 1 year left on his contract and they can adequately replace his roster spot should they decide to move him.

Alex Torres

I believe so and I am big fan of his game. Unfortunately, it’s his contract that I am not a huge fan of and it looks like other teams around the NBA had the same feeling. He got off to a slow start thanks to a hamstring injury, but as soon as he finds a rhythm, he should be able to average close to a double-double per game. Since he’s coming off the bench for the Dubs, he doesn’t get the opportunity to see the ball as much, but I really felt a playoff team looking for a low post scorer would be intrigued by Lee.

He’s got one year left in his contract after this season and it’s still very possible he is traded in the off-season to make room for Draymond Green.

3. What happens with Draymond Green

Jordan Ramirez

He’ll be brought back at whatever cost. Warriors fans got a a scare this week when Yahoo! Sports reported that Green has a “significant interest” in signing an offer sheet with the Detroit Pistons when the offseason comes around. Key words: offer sheet. The Warriors can match whatever offer Green signs in the offseason, and they’re full expected to do so, especially given Joe Lacob continuously reaffirming his willingness to enter the daunted luxury tax if it’s for a significant player.

Green has proven to be just that this season, replacing David Lee in the starting lineup and providing a defensive energy and toughness the team has thrived off of. He’s not a consistent scorer on the offensive end, but he’s a playmaker that helps his teammates in other ways — tough screens, keeping possessions alive, rebounds, etc. — and thus has turned into an invaluable piece to a 42-9 team. If ownership still doesn’t want to enter the luxury tax, they can explore moves that will allow them to match a maximum offer sheet for Green by dealing Andre Iguodala or preferably, David Lee in the final year of his deal. The team can’t afford his loss.

Saam Esfandiari

He remains a Warrior with a nice pay raise. Every indication from Warriors brass is they’ll match any offer sheet Green receives. Being a restricted Free Agent, he doesn’t have much say in the matter. If the Pistons give Green $15 million a season and the Warriors decide to match it, he’s returning. This happens every off season so Warriors’ fans shouldn’t worry. The real question for me is will they be willing to keep Lee and pay a hefty tax or will they look to move Lee and alleviate the burden.

Alex Torres

The Warriors MUST re-sign Draymond Green. He is the heart and soul of this squad and this is no time for ownership to get cheap. He might not have the best numbers, but he brings so much on a nightly basis that isn’t seen on a stat sheet. Steve Kerr called him the heartbeat of this team and without him, they don’t have the best record in the NBA. Rumors swirled about him being open to signing an offer sheet with his hometown Pistons, but the Warriors can match and they should.

No one would have ever believed Green would be in high demand after being drafted in the second round, but he’s worked his tail off and has cemented himself as one of the best players on the team. His intangibles are through the roof and when you need to go to battle on a nightly basis, what better player than Draymond Green to have by your side.

2 Responses

  1. ds207

    I understand the team not wanting to disrupt team chemistry, but they just cannot count on Bogut’s health for the rest of the year. Lee and Speights cannot cover for Bogut, and Festus gets hurt more often than all three of these other guys. Myers eventually will have to trade or release Lee because of his contract, but Green needs to be kept right now.

  2. Demetrius Musicman

    here’s a few points..Enes Kanter eats up Bogut who’s in OKC now. Festus can’t stay on the floor. Mo Speights is 6-10 255lbs and tries to take charges all the time (he’s ridiculious). body up you stiff!……how about Bogut & Igoudala shooting in the 50% range from the stripe……no trades or pick ups. ok! so Mo Speights as our backup is gonna get us to the finals,,,,if you bank on that I have some ocean front property in Kansas you might be interested in too!! we need to get younger and more athletic at the 5…..this summer after we are bounced in the first round by OKC, I want to see Igoudala, Speights and David Lee on their way……next summer and the following will be are target……chauk this season up to a learning experience…….in the playoffs when they shut down curry and klay who’s gonna pick it up? Speights? Mo inconsistant Buckets as you guys call him….lastly you wanna stop the hack a shaq or hack a jordan….don’t change the rules, force these stiffs to make their free throws. a little more practice time than modeling clothing an shoe lines and kia commercials…..get a clue babies!