It’s been awhile since I’ve written in this space. With each passing day, the Warriors have mattered less. They’re shrinking in the national consciousness as playoff teams grow. It’s a familiar pattern. The season ends, Dubs fans look to the future–in the way a pauper grimaces at empty, inside-out pockets. Or a mortally wounded gladiator spies the fate within his belly hole. Choose your metaphor.

Based on the Twitter reactions I receive, you guys love a very particular type of post. It’s the article that wrings hands, rips ownership and wallows in fan misery. Can’t really blame you, because those are my favorite as well. It’s the pattern that defines our fandom, and it’s easier than contemplating a vague horizon.

In the midst of this mentality, Joe Lacob has been talking up a storm. At Sloan he rankled fans and bloggers alike with a fairly innocuous mistep. The new owner implied that season ticket holders are “real fans” and bloggers are not. I asked Henry Abbott about what exactly transpired (he was there) and this was the description:

“I took it as 100 percent an owner’s coy encouragement to essentially everyone to buy season tickets, and really nothing more. I think he was trying to needle bloggers and everyone else on the planet into purchasing his core product. He was just being a salesman.”

So, it was hokey, but altogether not a bromide. The Sloan-controversy, combined with Lacob’s Gerald Wallace comments, have many Bay Area pundits advising him to pinch vocal cords. Considering how the Dubs have (again) morphed into Summer ping pong balls, it’s understandable advice.

I see the wisdom, but I’d encourage Joe’s loquaciousness. I’m not sure that’s the best PR move, but I’m not a PR consultant: I’m a fan and a writer. It’s fair to criticize Lacob for Lee’s contract, the backcourt albatross, the lack of defense, and Rowell’s continued employment. But, I wouldn’t tell the guy to be a mouse. Too often, pundits bash a guy for talking, act as faux PR consultant in telling him to “shut up” (See: Every time Chris Bosh talks). The Lacob backlash has been outsized and not altogether productive, from a fan perspective. JL’s comments give us insight into what he does, and what he does should be the main focus of our critique–not his talkativeness.

(On a sidenote, Peter Guber’s in-game “Tell to Win” tweets are NOT okay)

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  1. bgalella

    Good to see the Warriors respond to Orlando’s early flurry of points.

    Even better to see the owenrs step in and praise Monta Ellis for his great game, about time they realized he is a great player.