How to you make the most fanatic, loud and boisterous crowd in the NBA even more fanloudboisteratic? You piss them off.  You follow the lead of Spinal Tap, and take the maximum volume of 10 that is Oracle Arena and add one more to make it 11.

Mark Jackson gave Warriors fans that “extra push over the cliff” for Thursday night by calling the Nuggets a dirty team that took cheap shots at his star player, Steph Curry.

Did Jackson truly believe what he was saying? Maybe. He sure seemed convincing at the press conference mic following last night’s heated contest.

More importantly, he called attention to Denver’s rough play against Curry to ensure the officials keep an extra eye on his star player in Game 6.

What he also did was fire up the Warriors fan base. He took the Oracle’s amplifier volume knob and carved an “11” right below the “10.”

Where you from? Oakland. Smokin’.

Nothing makes a situation more intense than genuine dislike. And the Warriors and Nuggets really, really dislike each other.

Verbal shots were being fired all over the place during both team’s postgame interviews; following a game where physical shots were being fired all over the court and Curry got into it with a fan. Even NBA bloggers are firing shots at each other on Twitter. All of a sudden this series has turned into the ultimate diss battle and has extended by another mile its title as the best, most exciting series in all of basketball.

The Warriors are 2Pac going after Biggie in “Hit ‘Em Up.” Mark Jackson is post-Beatles John Lennon, asking Paul McCartney (George Karl) “How Do You Sleep?” But he wasn’t “Callin’ Out Names” like Kurupt.

I’m expecting Bogut to go the Nas route and “Ether” everyone on the Nuggets in Game 6. After a 1-of-7 performance from beyond the 3-point line in Game 5, everyone is expecting a Jay-Z like “Takeover” from Curry in Game 6.

Warriors fans will be marching into Oracle Thursday; 20,000 strong with the menacing swag of Ice Cube. The Nuggets tried to start something in Denver. The Warriors and their fans couldn’t be happier to finish it in Oakland like Cube in “No Vaseline.”

“Got damn I’m glad ya’ll set it off.”

Things just got very interesting. It’s not going to be “10” at Oracle. It’s going to be one louder.

3 Responses

  1. Marco

    really like the articles on this site, enjoyed the hell out of this one haha

  2. Frank n Dank

    Cool article with the song references. I see what you did there..

    On the real though the W’s need to focus on finishing the job tomorrow night in Oaktown. They can’t get “Caught Up” ( with what Denver is doing they got to “Handle [their] Business” ( before their business handles them.

    Continuing to complain about Denver in Game 5 is a sign of a “Shook One” ( to me.

  3. Pete

    “Where you from? Oakland. Smokin’.”

    Haha, great article. I think you’re right in asking if Mark actually believed they we’re cheap shots and dirty plays. Even if he did, it definitely ignited a fire for fans and his team. I know it got me going! But that’s what Mark has been doing all year, instilling confidence in his players, and fans. Confidence is definitely a part of the Warriors success this year.