Adjusted for Winflation, Salary Protection

David Lee’s (Assists+Blocks+Points+Rebounds+Steals) – Anthony Randolph’s (Assists+Blocks+Points+Rebounds+Steals)

Because a GM’s résumé is glued to whom he casts away. To trade a young lottery pick is to seal that kid’s future under the résumé’s lamination. So much of Larry Riley’s legacy is out of his hands now. If Anthony Randolph turns into Josh Smith, “Larry Riley” turns into the pejorative. If Anthony Randolph implodes–an “if” less iffy, in light of AR’s early Knicks struggles–the Warriors court relief where regret might lurk.

So, I’m slowly charting the process while not adjusting for pace. Whenever a day sees the Knicks and Warriors play, my recap features the RRI. When it’s in the negative, we’ll know that AR wins the night in this bastardization of fantasy hoops. When it’s in the positive–where the RRI should live–David Lee makes me regret my Randolph regret.

This is an arbitrary measure of success, and it is not trenchant statistical analysis. But it will be an amusing bottom-page graphic for the League Pass addicts who yearn for the day when Anthony turns potential into realization.

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8 Responses

  1. Jim

    David Lee gets voted into the eastern all-star team for three reasons:

    1). The East didn’t want to have to play Joe Johnson and Paul Pierce at the power forward spot again because they just didn’t have any big people.

    2). Everyone knew the Knicks weren’t going to get Lebron in free agency so they decided to give them a consolation price for tanking two seasons.

    3). The Knicks didn’t have anyone close to a good center and were running and gunning so to a common eye his stats might have looked almost respectful.

    Though don’t worry lottery-bound warriors! Since you love undersized centers who can’t defend, you’ll love David Lee! Just don’t expect another all-star performance. I would be very surprised if he even gets 17/8

    Then again, it’s the warriors! They can even make guys like Maggette and Crawford look good.

  2. bgalella

    No question Anthony Randolph is a talented player and didn’t get a fair shot with Golden State, David Lee is a good pick up and an All-Star. Lee will be a good fit, just give him a little time to adjust.

  3. Jarett

    This is amazing. The RRI will be a game by game measure of Riley’s stock… like a Dow Jones average ticker on Msnbc, and a room full of people yelling and throwing paper.

  4. Aaron

    Why don’t the Warriors just bog through their undeserved pride and sign Erick Dampier. They need a big ass, and they dont have one. Damp has a huge one. Work him back into shape and he’ll guard Bynum, cousins, and the rest of the wide hips in the league and lay a hammer on Kobe, evans ect when the go to the paint. And, it leaves room for both AB and Amundson at the 5 because Damps salary will be for the vet minimum and Lee, Wright and even Vlad or the new guy at the 4. Or, a combination of the PF,C like what a taller nellie might run.

  5. Ethan Sherwood Strauss

    Hi all. Not sure that Lee’s contract is really that bad. Especially compared to some of the laughers lobbed this offseason. However, the team IS screwed defensively unless Smart can cobble together a masking D concept.

    • Mr. Warrior

      When you evaluate GM’s, you have to think about contracts they handed out also. David Lee contract was way to much!