The Golden State Warriors have thrashed every Eastern Conference team that has been put in front of them over the current road trip, and Tuesday evening they will look to extend their winning streak to double-digits. The Milwaukee Bucks, who have positioned themselves at the very bottom of the dismal trench that it the Eastern Conference, will of course attempt to cool down the hottest team in the league.

Keys to the game

Off Eff: Warriors: 103.6 (11th) Bucks: 96.2 (30th)

Def Eff: Warriors 98.5 (4th) Bucks: 104.6 (21st)

Pace: Warriors: 99.3 (3rd) Bucks: 94.2 (25th)

Keep Brandon Knight on a leash

The Bucks’ offense is a hot mess and ranks last in the league in points per 100 possessions. Knight is currently averaging 15.1 points, a seemingly low figure, but it’s high enough to lead the team. Knight has been a tad inconsistent since returning from injury, but he does have explosive scoring performances in him. He dropped 36 on the Knicks and 37 on the Lakers and shutting him down will be key.

Don’t get complacent

The Warriors have won nine straight. The Bucks are the worst team in the league and are 2-10 over their last 12 games. On paper, this is a game the Warriors should have in the bag by the time the halftime buzzer sounds. This type of games can be dangerous and it’s important that the Dubs don’t get complacent and underestimate their opponents.

Keep feeding Klay

Thompson went through a tough shooting stretch in December, but he has started 2014 in a positive way. Over the three January games, Thompson is shooting 50% from the field and 52% from beyond the arc.



John Henson (Out)

Carlos Delfino (Out)

Zaza Pachulia (Out)


Draymond Green (Questionable)

Festus Ezeli (Out)

Jermaine O’Neal (Out)

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