By: Billy Hoyle @wwnetbillyhoyle

Winning the easy ones is what is going to get the Warriors to the Playoffs. The Toronto Raptors may take umbrage with being called “easy” but guess what? I don’t care. Yes the have that multiple-offending crotch grabber Reggie Evans, who some may call “tough” and as others have claimed, Lina Kleiza looks like Mirko Cro Cop, but that’s it. That’s all I’m willing to give you. When you have a roster stacked with euros, I’m sorry, but you’re soft. So as the Warriors did on Monday, if you have dreams of post season play, you’ve gotta win the easy ones.

The Warriors continued to play visible defense, which is nice considering their history. It wasn’t brutal, punishing, “no point goes un-earned” defense but it was there. There was defensive EFFORT and that’s all that can be asked at this point. Andris still has a place on the court with his defense, despite his continued offensive deficiencies. David Lee is TRYING to defend which is all we can ask. Shoot, Dave was trying so hard he even actually FOULED OUT in the fourth, right when it would have been nice to have him rebound the ball. Careful what you ask for I guess.

Monta Ellis hurt himself returning to earth last night and I’ve just been waiting for this type of injury to happen. I’ve never seen an injury like this before but Blake Griffin’s last year comes close. Monta exploded into space, did his normal flippidy-dos and when he  re-entered the earth’s atmosphere and touched down his spine couldn’t handle the angle and speed he landed at. Literally one foot touched down and Monta did his Limbo King impression and lowered himself to the ground, backward, so that his shoulders gently touched down before the rest of his body. Even in horrendous pain, Monta is grace personified. Monta is listed as day-to-day with a strained back and has rejoined the team in NYC.  The guy heals at a rate that should embarrass normal men. He reportedly has never had a cold. During the offseason, when he’s not practicing jumping into space he goes to hospitals and heals sick children. The guy is amazing.

Steph Curry had 30 last night and it was an amazing performance. The guy can shoot from anywhere and wakes up in the morning hot. Jarrett Jack who defended Curry last night is no slouch but Curry looked like he was shooting in an empty gym last night. The guy is one his way to one hell of a career and the Warriors are lucky he dropped to us.

The more we win these games the more I am buying the hype that the Warriors may actually deserve a playoff spot. No sneaking in the back door. We’re calling ahead for out reservation and putting the rest of the league on notice. Its going to take a few successes against elite NBA teams for me to REALLY buy the hype but as it stands, the direction the Warriors are headed in is definitely exciting.

  • Andrea Bargnani…yuck
  • Gadzuric yet again gets no playing time
  • Jeremy Lin was a surprise entry into the game in the first half, played well.
  • Jarrett Jack begging the refs for a 3-second violation on Monta while Monta lay there motionless was rather disgraceful and disgusting.
  • Hack-a-Beans made its season debut
  • Ekpe Udoh is going to be a good mid-season addition to the team
  • Rodney Carney has perfected the “No No No…Yes” jump-shot
  • Warriors now 1-1 on this 5-game roadtrip, they get NY and Chicago followed by Milwaukee on Saturday to wrap up the trip.

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    This really is great. I just pulled this up on the Real Fans Toronto Raptors app. Excellent content.

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    Now this is exactly why I subscribe to your blog! I never heard of Cushe and chances are – without your blog – I never would. Thanks … I’m going to find a local retailer and check them out over the weekend.