By: Scott Horlbeck

Dear Memphis Grizzles Front Office,

On behalf of the entire Golden State Warriors fan base, we’d like to formally thank you for throwing a brick through the small window you guys had of winning a title and dramatically increasing our chances of not only beating you in the first round of the playoffs, but also having home court in that series.

Ever since the 2010-2011 playoffs when you guys came out of nowhere and starting beating teams up with your defense/rebounding/physicality, (beat San Antonio in six, lost to OKC in seven), the entire league has been more terrified of you than Eric Berry is of horses. The Gasol-Randolph-Gay frontline you guys rolled out each night was a match-up nightmare. Having to worry about the best all-around center in the league, arguably the best offensive rebounder in the league, and one of the most athletic and physically gifted small forwards in the league, all on the court at the same time – well…we sure as hell couldn’t stop it.

But now that Gay is abroad, and Tayshaun Prince and the poor-mans Tayshaun Prince (Austin Daye) will be filling that void, your grasp on the four seed looks looser than Ronaiah Tuiasosopo’s grasp on reality. I mean, I think we all saw what happened in Oklahoma City last night…

If Bogut can stay healthy (knocking on wood) and Steph can get himself back on the court (knocking faster), don’t be shocked if we tap you on the shoulder and politely ask for your seat at the playoff table. But notice I said politely, because let’s face it, you guys have already done enough.

So on behalf of Warriors fans everywhere, thank you for sending one of your best players to Canada and giving us a realistic chance at the four seed in the West and home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

Really, you shouldn’t have.


Joe Lac… errr Warriors fans

2 Responses

  1. Alex

    Also thanks to Rudy Gay for wanting such a big contract and putting money before the team. Thanks

  2. Ishwar

    “Ever since the 2010-2011 playoffs when you guys came out of nowhere and starting beating teams up with your defense/rebounding/physicality…”

    Guess who didn’t play in those series? Rudy Gay.