Golden State Warriors Power Forward David LeeDavid Lee Scouting Report

(billy hoyle, gswfan4ever, TACO BELL)

Part of a new series we present community generated scouting reports for each of the Golden State Warriors players.  They will be updated throughout the season as we see more of a players development.

Strengths: David Lee is a great rebounder. Relentless hustle, go after the loose balls. Excellent passer for a big man. High BBIQ and crafty. Team Player. Athletic. good ball handling. Nice Medium range jumper. Still relatively young and can improve.

Weaknesses: Mediocre defense. Not a traditional PF where you can feed him the ball in the low post and expect him to score by himself. Currently somewhat overpaid.

Overall: A nice new piece for the Warriors, who hasn’t had an all-star big man since Chris Webber. David Lee will help in the areas of rebounding, ball movement on offense, and just the overall team BBIQ and hustle. Should form a very nice pick and roll duo with Stephen Curry in half court sets, while throwing enough outlet passes to Monta Ellis to keep the team  a serious fast break threat. He won’t improve the team much defensively, but you have to think he can’t be worse than Tolliver or Corey Maggette at PF.

David Lee constantly works to improve his game, he has evolved from a first off the bench energy guy, to a player who can hit a 15 footer with enough reliability that it must always be respected. He is the ultimate pick and pop/roll player.

Despite his ability to finish at the rim, David Lee has an unfortunate lack of athletic ability that is shown in his inability to guard elite power forwards. David Lee just lacks any type of lateral quickness to stay in front of the rangy hybrid power forwards that are in-vogue in today’s NBA. Does that mean he can’t be a net gain on any team? Absolutely not. David Lee is exactly the type of player any NBA team covets.

David Lee is a true throw-back to a time when toughness and hard work were more respected than a dribble drive face up game. He is meat and potatoes to your cedar plank ahi and asparagus, both are good but only one gets it done every day of the week.

Best Case: Pick and roll beast who solves our rebounding and low post offense issues.

Worst Case: A taller Corey Magette

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  1. bgalella

    Lee wasn’t brought in for his defense, but lining up besides Andris Biedrins is supposed to off set the defensive liability he presents. Lee will score a ton of points, grab a bunch of rebounds and has the hustle to quickly become a fan favorite.