Curried Wombat

Monta articles are colliding into each other like hypothetical math problem trains. One from Steinmetz speaks to reform, one from HoopsWorld speaks to discontent. And whenever Ellis speaks, Curry dominates conversation. Some articles posit that a happy Monta is better for the Warriors. While that premise makes sense, I’m not sure how smiles translate to GSW better putting a sphere through a ring. Whatever Monta’s emotions, he’s a two out of necessity.

The point guard torch passed to Curry, who spent the preseason picking his own pocket, flipping errant pocket passes past welcoming arms. Some rocketed into defending hands, morphing fingerprints of a surprised opposition.“Careless” is an apt description for Stephen Curry’s recent handles because his rookie vision was clear, so much that any casual observer could see it.

Last year, Steph passed very well out of the pick and roll, especially in those Monta-free games. He saw hidden angles, molded them into gifted D-Leaguer layups. His overall A/T ratio was poor, but he posted a post-ASG average of 7.7 assists.

Again, Curry can view the court–he can do that well enough to generate offense from a placid situation. But Steph can also overextend himself in creative efforts. And this is what concerns. Right now, Curry is pressing, perhaps notching 8 TOs in an attempt to be a prototypical point guard. No. 30 should be scoring, with the occasional pass thrown in–not passing, save for the occasional shot. Though we fetishize the PG, an archetypal floor general isn’t even necessary–as Zach Harper points out. Since David Lee can pass, and Dorell Wright isn’t Corey Maggette, added assisting might be less useful than it was on last year’s sinking pirate ship. The Warriors will never get their two smallest starters to be Jason Kidd, and that’s okay. It might be best for Steph to learn from Monta’s 2009 failings: Don’t sacrifice efficiency at the altar of creativity.

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4 Responses

  1. Jai

    Curry is a good payer…. gifted offensively and see’s the court pretty good, but 8 turnovers in 30 min on the floor against the Blazers is unacceptable. This is the area I wanted Curry to work on most during the off season. In fact, TO’s are what kept Curry on the bench for Team USA. Curry had the highest TO rate on the team. I’m just saying if he wants to WIN and be in the same breath as Paul, Williams, Nash, and Rondo his TO’s MUST come away down to no more than 3 a game. (He’s avgs 5-6 a game) Curry is committing so many TO’s I’ve started looking at the 2011 draftboard top 3 in the draft. Looking toward next year (yeah already) Larry Riley should start scouting Center Enes Kanter from Kentucky now. I see Biedrins having a very disappointing year. He made LaMarcus Aldridge look like an All Star. That was a HUGE red flag because trust me, LaMarcus aint that good

  2. bgalella

    The Warriors will lead the league in assits, because they will score the most points, when their shots are dropping, they’ll be unstoppable.

    Nice to see Stephen Curry’s three-point percentage so high and Monta Ellis looks like he wants to score even more than last season, should be intresting.

  3. Jhaen

    I agree, Steph needs to play and utilize his talent and not keep it hidden inside or he may loose it. Let the beast out of him!!!!!! and passes will naturally come when necessary, players will commit to defending him, double and triple teams will come and give him the opportunity to pass out. He is a top 5 scorer in the league, forget the ppl who talk and want u to be a passer and a creator, u did just super fine last year, especially in the end. that is what i want to see from u. U R my fav PG.