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Big credit to Sebastian Pruiti for sifting the dregs of Warriors game tapes. He comes up with real insight and the entire post is well worth reading/viewing.

Additional thoughts:

  • Yes, Ellis and Curry can play together. And the current Ellis-Curry-Wright/Williams-Lee-Biedrins lineup might even make the playoffs.
  • The Warriors could do better than paying Ellis eleven million to be an undersized two-guard.
  • Curry-Ellis is not as ideal a tandem as Davis-Ellis. Obviously, the main reason is defense: 2008 Baron could guard twos–2010 Ellis has issues filling 2008 Baron’s shoes.
  • I also believe that Davis-Ellis was a more ideal offensive one-two than the current duo. Though-as Pruiti evinced–Monta and Steph can help each other, Baron was of greater assistance to Monta. Check out Pruiti’s third clip:

Monta kicks ass with a kick-out pass–he’s destructive on the wing like the Twilight Zone gremlin. He’s the lightning that shocks late rotations, attacking the unsuspecting before they understand what trouble is. It’s a lethal layup that closes-out close-outs in a way that makes me chuckle.

Pruiti shows that Curry can penetrate and dish to Ellis, but it’s not Steph’s speciality: It was Baron’s. Curry has court vision but doesn’t attack defenses in the spear-on-jellyfish manner that his PG predecessor mastered. Baron Davis would launch his chubby body into the fray and Monta would emerged with daylight and a running head start. Those were the days.

Now, Monta must make due with fewer wing-slash opportunities, or Curry must learn to drive more often. Steph lacks Baron’s ability in this facet, but defenses fear his shot. Fortunately the only team so defensively irresponsible as to sag off Steph Curry would be the Warriors.

I expect better efficiency from Ellis this year, but don’t expect him to reach 2008’s production levels. And I still would tie my ACL into a knot for an Iguodala-Ellis swap.


5 Responses

  1. DeuelWarrior

    Solid stuff. You are not going to play worse with a soon to be great point guard. Curry gets the defenders on him with his shooting and driving ability and that will open it up for Ellis all day. This is going to be dirty look at the start of the season but as all these good players start to mesh, its going to start looking real clean. With all the changes to the management, and the solid additions to the team the Mighty Roarical is gonna be in fine form this season. It might even…..dare I say it…..spark some talk for a real shot at the playoffs for the seasons to come.

    As a huge Warriors fan I am stoked.

  2. Andrew

    How could we do better than paying Monta $11 million dollars. Who would you suggest as a better alternative?

  3. bgalella

    I think the two can play together, but the Warriors don’t have much going on defensively, if they are going to win games, it’s by out scoring their opponents, not shutting them down.