When Stephen Curry talks in interviews, I can almost see the Gears of Boring churning within his irises (Must…give…non-controversial…response). If you ask whom he favors between an All Star and a scrub, he’ll mumble, “They’re both great,” with the kind of smirk that says, “I’m not playing your game.” The PR-cautious PG is far from a Barkley.

But, owner-directed frustration has unleashed actual Steph Curry opinions.

I hate that we’re losing games to this lockout, but I’m happy to see some stars establish themselves as more than marketed veneers. Kudos to Curry for bringing some fire, honesty.


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  1. Chris Custer

    The only people hurt are the fans. Whoever wins this negotion, who cares! The fans are still going to have to pay more to make up the difference.

    Say, the players get their way and get 53% and the owners 47%. In order to run a business, the owners need to make money. If they have to give up more from the overall pot, they will need to bring up ticket prices and whatever else they can to get out of the red. If the owners get it down to 50/50%, so what, maybe it will ultimately become better for the fans because their teams can now compete against the Lakers and Celtics.

    Bottom line: the players are going to make money anyway. They get way more endorcements than NFL players do, and they can always hop over to Europe and play there. I can’t get myself to feel sorry for our rich entitled basketball players.

  2. Michael

    I’ve come around to the owner’s side of things. Fact is that all players are making money, most owner’s are not. The average NBA salary is $5 mil, it’s time it was rolled back to $4 mil (and that’s still more money than 99 percent of us will ever see. Fact is that any business can not survive unless it’s making money. This is about keeping the NBA viable and competative. And it’s time for a hard cap unless you like seeing Mark Cuban on a victory tour every year.

  3. ed walsh

    Stephen…with all do respect… as a casual basketball fan…in this economy which is a disaster… nobody cares about owners and players squabbling over billions of dollars. NFL guys had some sympathy as most leave the game with broken bodies and neurological problems which crop up years later. Read the room… nobody really cares…this is not football.

  4. tyler whitehouse

    great. the nba players are the 99%. iceholes.

    the owners are the 1%. iceholes.

    they are both spoiled millionaire sets of iceholes.

    • Lorraine

      I agree. Both sides making way too much money. Players want more, owners want more, fans get less! Works out that way all the time. Spoiled rich folk!

  5. JT's Hoopsblog

    Well lets look at the brightside. At least we will have a chance to see his brother Seth play for Duke if the lockout drags on.