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News on trades impacting Golden State Warriors players, including trade rumors and proposed trades.

The Anthony Randolph Trade In Context

Maybe it's the intense, dry, brain boiling heat of Las Vegas, or the conversation with outside basketball observers, but I feel a bit better than I did last week about the AR trade. Trading young athletic forward Carlos Rogers, Anthony Randolph along with Kelena Azabuike, and fan favorite Ronny Turiaf to New York for all-star power forward David Lee, sent Warriors fans into a tail spin. This is a trade that ...

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Why The Warriors Shouldn’t Trade For David Lee

Lee is many things, but a true center ain't one of 'em. The Knicks got away with playing Lee at the 5 because the East is still pretty weak overall. The West has teams with legitimately huge power forwards and centers: Bynum/Gasol, Cousins, Yao, TD, Nene, Kaman--I'll even include Sideshow Bob Lopez in Phoenix because he really showed me something last year, and he's definitely enormous. ...

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