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Warriors at Rockets

The Golden State Warriors (22-40) will be visitors at the Toyota Center (tip off 5:00 pm PDT) tonight when they take on the Houston Rockets (31-30) who are in the midst of what you could call a playoff hunt. Indeed, it’s difficult to state that Houston is in the thick of things despite only being two games out of the eighth seed in the Western Conference. Why? Because they have hit a losing streak that’s al ...

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Part of the Solution: Klay Thompson

The Golden State Warriors (22-39) currently occupy the 13th seed -- which is just a fancy way of saying they have the third worst record -- in the Western Conference standings thanks in large part to their futility this month. The Dubs have been victorious twice in eleven contests in the month of April, and with upcoming contests at Dallas (tip off 5:30 pm PDT), at Houston, at Minnesota, versus New Orleans ...

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Lakers Beat Down Da Dubs

The Golden State Warriors (22-39) hosted the Los Angeles Lakers (40-23) last night at Oracle Arena in what had the potential to be an exciting back and forth game between a contender and team tanking to improve its odds of getting a high lottery draft pick. The game started with the Lakers going inside and abusing the Dubs for most of the first quarter, but the Warriors managed to still make a game of it de ...

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Guinea Pigs, Bynum and Bush

Spent the pre-game as always, talking guinea pigs. Metta World Peace got a new one. As a current g-pig owner, I had to inquire after this. And when Steve Blake asked MWP why he didn't get a hamster instead, Ron-Ron was quick to respond. MWP: “They OUT there, you can't train em. A hamster lives like what? Two to three years, right? A guinea pig is like six to seven.” ESS: Mine won’t die, Ron. She’s seven. We ...

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Talking Lakers….

The last time the Lakers were in town, Kobe Bryant treated the Warriors in the same manner that Superman handled Zod in Superman II; essentially outsmarting and out-executing the Dubs down the stretch with his ability to get to vacant help spots and convert shots despite facing some exceptional defense on his baseline jumpers. The Warriors left the door opened and Bryant closed it, locked it and threw away ...

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The Best Team No One Talks About: The Spurs

The Boston Celtics (36-25) started off the season slowly but have morphed lately into a contender. They currently sit as the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference standings and have many wondering if they could potentially go out with a bang in what appears to be their last stand. Given that the Big Three is only four years removed from an NBA title, they get the benefit of the doubt and most would agree th ...

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Los Angeles Clippers: Flawed but Interesting

Coming into this season, the Los Angeles Clippers (36-23) were supposed to have one of the top records in the Western Conference, and many expected them to do so all the while playing an entertaining brand of basketball with Chris Paul setting up the likes of Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan for finishes over the defense right at the rim. The preseason hype may have created huge expectations as well as a di ...

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The “Defending” Champs: Dallas Mavericks

Last season, the Dallas Mavericks won 57 games and earned themselves the third seed of the Western Conference standings. One could argue that Dirk Nowitzki should have received far more consideration for the MVP award given how well the team performed when he was in the lineup, but his contributions largely went unnoticed outside of Dallas. Disco Dirk submitted a quite impressive shooting season: 51.7 perce ...

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