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Stats Kill

By: Darren Schmidt Latrell Sprewell was one of the most memorable and entertaining players the Warriors have ever had, even before he had to put his hands on PJ Carlesimo to finally get that awful, whiny, gravelly voice to stop, just stop. He was a player the Warriors stole late in the draft, a skinny Southern kid who was as awkward with the press as he was comfortable on the court. He could seemingly play ...

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In the Scope: Golden State Warriors x Utah Jazz preview

The Golden State Warriors (19-27) are coming off their fourth loss in a row and will be looking to right the ship tonight when they host the Utah Jazz (28-19) at Oracle Arena.  Jerry Sloan’s team was victorious in their last encounter but the Dubs will try to take a 2-1 lead in the season series. What should the Warriors expect tonight? ...

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It’s not Smart, stupid

By: Darren Schmidt Coaching in the NBA is pretty simple: if you have bad players you will lose. If you have good players you will win. If you have great players you can win titles. Most people who follow the NBA understand this, but still, year after year, the relative merits of head coaches are discussed to death. It’s no different here. Fans are becoming increasingly critical of the job Keith Smart is doi ...

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Damning Curry+Ellis

Tim Kawakami has a smart, nuanced piece on the intractability of an Ellis-Curry future. I’m solidly behind his overarching thesis, though I disagree with certain particulars (I favor trading Ellis, I think Curry’s the better player, I’m not a Carmelo fan, etc, grunt, grumble, etc.). My defense of Stephen Curry’s defense can be reduced to this: Monta Ellis is marginally worse. And I’d forgive you for disagre ...

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In the Scope: Golden State Warriors x New Orleans Hornets preview

Fresh off a defeat at the hands of the league leading San Antonio Spurs, the Golden State Warriors (19-25) will host the New Orleans Hornets (30-16) tonight at Oracle Arena. Chris Paul’s squad will be seeking to avenge a January 5th home loss a the hands of the Dubs. This Nawlins team is currently the 3rd seed in the Western Conference and is hoping to make it back to the postseason. ...

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In the Scope: Golden State Warriors x San Antonio Spurs preview

By: J.M.Poulard After a tough loss on Saturday night at the hands of the Los Angeles Clippers, the Golden State Warriors (19-24) will host the San Antonio Spurs (37-7) tonight. The Spurs have defeated the Warriors twice this season already – by double figures no less— but the home team will be looking for a different outcome. ...

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