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Don’t Trade the Pick

Attention, the great Adam Lauridsen has done some eeeenteresting analysis. Mr. Legal broke down selections in the 5-7 area from the last 10 drafts. Love the idea and allow me to piggy its sturdy back. By Adam’s reckoning, this particular strata has yielded results: “On average, 2 of the 3 players picked in the 5-7 range have something to offer their future NBA teams.” ...

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Mock Draft: Pick 6

Six ranked for the sixth spot, let’s do this… 1. DeMarcus Cousins This is my favorite scenario for so many reasons, on so many levels. And in so many words, here's why I love it: When a new player gets drafted we fans instantly conjure the best possible outcome. Well, the Cousins ceiling rests atop a cloud, even if he currently need an exorcist. This pick also appeals to a darker side of the Warriors fan: P ...

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Monday Morning Fresh

The inevitable has happened...Mike Brown is out as Head Coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Ric Bucher is reporting the Cavaliers have let go of Brown before the midnight deadline which would have seen Brown collect $4.5 million from the Cavs for next season. ...

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WarriorsWorld x Mock Draft x 1.0

Warriors fail to get the #1 pick in the draft lottery, the Nets slide all the way to #3 even though they had one of the worst seasons in NBA history and the Wizards luck into the top spot after a season from hell in which their franchise player decided to bring a gun-shop to the locker room.  With all that said, let's take a look at what each team in the top 6 might do on draft night. ...

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Losing Lotto: Knee Jerks

•    Thanks for winning those games, Nellie.  At least Don combed his hair for the late season franchise-bludgeoning victories. I guess. •    Speaking of stretches untanked, the NBA should go back to the old system where every playoff team has an equal lottery chance. Why incentivize tanking? And if a 13th ranked team gets the first pick, so be it. Problem solved, no more porter potty baths for season ticke ...

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Monday Morning Fresh-Tuesday edition: New beginning for the Warriors

By:Rasheed Malek & Sherwood Strauss The Warriors are putting the old adage, "Out with the old, in with the new" to extensive use this off-season.  With the impending sale of the team, new logo, high draft pick and lots of move-able pieces on the roster this off-season is sure to keep all Warrior fans entertained. With Chris Cohan close to finally relinquishing the team from his strangle-hold and allowin ...

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WarriorsWorld TV Exclusive Sit-down with Kevin Hart

WarriorsWorld TV spent some time with comedian and actor Kevin Hart before his show in Oakland.  Kevin speaks to us about the unique fans in Philadelphia, his take on the fans in the Bay Area and we find out why he got into comedy along with how vital of a role his Mother played in his upbringing.  Hit the jump to check it out! ...

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