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NBA draft player profiles, scouting reports, Golden State Warriors lottery position, ping pong balls and contracts.

Ekpe Udoh Night

The weather was bleak, a greying sky that bore no contrast to Oracle’s concrete corrosion.  Inside the stadium, far too many fans bubbled with far too much enthusiasm.  After eons of Cohanese water torture, legions of Warriors supporters persevere like three-eyed fish near a nuclear plant. They simply won’t die, no matter the circumstances. Many have said that sports mean more on the East Coast. That’s a lo ...

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Eve Of Draft Rumors

From Jonathan Givony (DX) Twitter: NBA source: There's a firesale in Golden State & everyone's available except Curry. Owner trying to make team more attractive for new buyer. about 7 hours ago via UberTwitter Hearing more and more that Ekpe Udoh is going 6th to GS. No final decision there but they seem to be leaning that way. Screws everything up about 4 hours ago via UberTwitter Also heard that GS has ...

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With The 6th Pick In The 2010 NBA Draft The Warriors Select

Greg Monroe Monroe is the best available big-man in the draft following Favors and Cousins, which for the Warriors would be a nice pick up at #6.  Monroe is the probably the most diverse and multi-faceted big man in the draft which is a huge plus since he'll be playing for Nellie who hates playing big men who can't shoot or pass.  Monroe gives the Warriors another young big to add to their collection, provi ...

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Losing Lotto: Knee Jerks

•    Thanks for winning those games, Nellie.  At least Don combed his hair for the late season franchise-bludgeoning victories. I guess. •    Speaking of stretches untanked, the NBA should go back to the old system where every playoff team has an equal lottery chance. Why incentivize tanking? And if a 13th ranked team gets the first pick, so be it. Problem solved, no more porter potty baths for season ticke ...

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