The Golden State Warriors won a thriller tonight and although it was only a pre-season game, it was still fun to watch. Unfortunately, you likely had to listen to it on the radio to actually keep up with the live broadcast. The game was played in Des Moines, Iowa and the Warriors spent most of the game trying to catch-up. James Michael McAdoo dominated the fourth and the Dubs won the game. Our forums were active today, covering a variety of topics. The NBA wants shorter games? Yes, the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics will be the first to test out a 44 minute game on Sunday. Player rankings and projections are coming out and the debating begins. Check out some more of our other popular topics:


Yes or No: is Steph a top 5 player

MJ doesn’t like the ideas of shorter or few games

@Rusty_SFChron Tonight’s game being promoted as “Harrison Barnes’ homecoming. Oh

current GS is like run TMC perimeter oriented.

I’m already giving Lacob credit for having guts to move on from MJax..

Stephen A Smith going crazy right now because Kobe is ranked 40th in NBA player rankings this year.

ESPN: Splash Bros. Conversation

Would trading Lee to add bulk while getting cap to resign Green and Klay be smart? 

Ok Bogut shot left handed on the FT, but is he man enough to underhand it?

Barnes to break his career high in points tomorrow. Book it.