Klay Thompson, Markieff Morris, Harrison Barnes

Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes have had a tough stretch of games early in the 2013-14 season.

Indeed, heading into the matchup with the Los Angeles Lakers tonight, both have shot an identical 41.3 percent from the field in their past 10 games. Shot selection has been an issue and consequently, some fans feel as though they have regressed.

Further exacerbating issues for the pair is the notion that perhaps they are sinking each other’s contributions. Take a quick look at the information below courtesy of EvanZ:


Yikes. Granted, the sample size is small, but telling nonetheless. The tandem played well last season, especially during the playoffs.

Hence, there is still a chance that they will break out of their slumps and help the Golden State Warriors regain their early-season form where they blew out opponents on the regular at Oracle Arena.

Their play has prompted Carl Steward of the San Jose Mercury News to name them the Slump Brothers (an obvious play on words that refers to Thompson and Stephen Curry’s nickname of the Splash Brothers).

Steward spoke to Thompson after the 2-guard had the opportunity to review the film of the national televised loss to the San Antonio Spurs (who were without Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker) and he provided a candid self-assessment:

“It was worse than I thought it was going to be … hard to watch,” he said. “I had turnovers, bad lapses on defense, it was just a terrible game on my part. I know shots aren’t going to fall every night and you’re going to have your rough stretches, but that should never affect how you play the rest of your game. That’s what I’ve been doing. But I know I’m going to break out of it. All I have to do is play hard and stay focused.”

The Warriors are hoping the introspection leads to better overall production because for the time being, the play of the starters is mostly what’s giving the team a semblance of a chance to win games. And well, when the opening five-man unit is not cutting it, the Dubs are pretty much doomed.

Marcus Thompson II echoed those sentiments and looked further ahead over at the San Jose Mercury News:

The Dubs sorely need someone who lives off attacking the basket instead of jump shots. Someone who has enough size to play shooting guard next to Stephen Curry whenever Klay Thompson is in one of his funks. Someone who has the skills to be a second playmaker on the floor, next to Andre Iguodala or Douglas, while Curry rests from being Mr. Everything on offense.

The Warriors have not gotten great bench play, which stems from the understandable decisions of allowing Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry depart in free agency.

Although the shortcomings of the second unit come with palpable reasons, an upgrade is needed on this front because of the struggles of Thompson and Barnes.

Golden State needs the pair to play better. It’s the first step in them actually looking like contenders all over again. But until that actually happens, perhaps management will be wise in making inquiries about the availability of rotation players on other teams that fit their needs.

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