The NBA playoffs will debut this upcoming weekend with the Golden State Warriors joining the rest of us to watch them unfold from afar. And yet, basketball fans will tell you that the Dubs won the unofficial NBA League Pass award. Indeed, although Blake Griffin has been everything we expected and then some, no team has been more fun to watch and follow than the Dubs.

The Miami Heat have been the experiment that every team and fan in the league have checked up on, while the Chicago Bulls’ rise to the top of the Eastern Conference’s standings thanks to Tom Thibodeau and Derrick Rose has been the story of the season. The Lakers have been, well the Lakers, the San Antonio Spurs have flown under the radar despite the best record in the league and the Boston Celtics have been interesting to say the least.

But no team matched the excitement and atmosphere that the Dubs and their fans have generated this season. Bold statement? Perhaps. But then again, have a look at this list:

  • Defeating the Houston Rockets in a 132-128 thrilling home opener, in which Monta went for 46 points
  • A 122-117 road win at MSG against the Knicks
  • A big road win against a red hot New Orleans Hornets team
  • Monta Ellis’ game winning jumper against Indiana
  • An exciting 121-113 home loss to the Charlotte Bobcats in overtime
  • A crowd pleasing home win against the Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Not one, but two overtime thrillers against the Kings
  • Monta Ellis lighting up the Celtics for 41 points in a road loss in Boston
  • The overtime thriller against the Magic at Oracle Arena
  • The tough road loss in overtime in Philadelphia
  • The upset of the Chicago Bulls at home
  • The thrilling overtime loss in Oklahoma City to the Thunder
  • The 84-point first half against the Toronto Raptors
  • Upsetting the Dallas Mavericks at home
  • Blowing out the Trail Blazers on the road
  • The big win at home over the Lakers

Win or lose, the Warriors have played fun basketball that have kept us all on the edge of our seats during the course of the season. Add the duo of Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry to the equation and well even the basketball gods themselves could not have been happier to tune in and watch this squad.

And tonight, they will host the Portland Trail Blazers and close out the NBA’s regular season against one of the league’s best teams. Although Monta Ellis will not be part of this game, this could potentially be the last time that fans can fire up their League Pass to catch the Warriors live given the uncertainty surrounding the collective bargaining agreement.

Forget points per game, field goal percentage and turnovers, just tune in to appreciate the wizardry of Stephen Curry, the ambidexterity of David Lee around the basket and Dorell Wright’s shooting and finishing ability around the rim.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Your 2010-11 Golden State Warriors.

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