Adam Silver has had some negative remarks about what the Warriors have done this offseason with their signing of Kevin Durant, and says that “super teams” are bad for the NBA.

Mark Cuban was one of the first critics to refute Silver from an economic perspective, pointing out that villains get people to tune in to root against them, and the Warriors could be marketed by the league as the new villains.

From a competitive balance perspective, perhaps Silver shouldn’t focus on the Warriors, but numerous teams that consistently dwell at the bottom of the standings without ever showing the capability of building a winner.

Wanda Durant also brought up the distinction of her son’s situation with the Warriors, juxtaposed against what the Miami Heat did. The Warriors have drafted 3 all stars, and had the cap room to bring aboard another star player.

Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh conspired to all go to the same team via free agency, regardless of where that eventual destination would be.

Silver was enlightened by his conversation with Wanda Durant, who has always been a vocal supporter of her son, especially in the face of undue criticism that people like Silver have heaped upon him for simply wanting to go to a team with the best chance to win.

Durant exercised his right as a free agent to chose a new team to play for, and Silver shouldn’t have any rational complaints about it.

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